Toddlers & Terry-aras

February. Kind of the home stretch of winter, but also generally tagged with “the worst is yet to come, isn’t it?” That means we need plenty of snuggle bunny ideas to last us during these frigid months.

One such idea is for the younger set you may be purchasing for. Whether easing the burden of shopping of a friend who is constantly trying to keep up with those ever-growing kids, or treating your own child or niece, it can be a tough call sometimes to determine what to buy…and how much to spend.

The idea I have for today I kind of like because it has a longer shelf life than say, uber precious baby uggs or wear-for-one-winter Mexx baby snowsuits. I’m talking about bath robes. Produced by Dwell Home Furnishings, I feel the bath robe is an interesting, useful gift. It gives mom and dad an immediate way to keep their shivering babies warm after getting toweled off – and prevents naked children on the run. If you buy big, the shelf life could reasonably last for the entire age span the robes are offered in (2T-4T). Kids can wear them for Saturday morning cartoons. They’re also kind of unexpected, so you probably won’t run into duplicates, despite the fact the robe could reasonably easily enter into high rotation in a special toddler’s life.

The Dwell robes don’t exactly come cheap, for all of their benefits and natural fabrics – super plush cotton and terry cloth. I found them at luxe Canadian baby retailer Modern Karibou for $68 a pop, or you can shop from the States at All Modern Baby and snap them up for the same price – but with super cute matching sets of shower curtains, towels, and wash mitts.

They are awfully pretty though, and for the usability your kiddie could get out of them, kind of worth the price tag, n’est pas?

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