Last Minute Lover

In a bind for a last-minute Valentine’s gift? Maybe your sweetie gave you the whole “No, let’s not do anything” (but really you better do SOMETHING) charade. Or perhaps you’ve got an 11th hour invite for a date with someone new. Or maybe you just want to show someone you care. If you’re scrambling for some last-minute, pretty readily accessible ideas, read on.

Lush Frog Prince Bath Bomb – $4.95
Messed up? Count on Lush to wash your troubles away with this sweet, endearing bath bomb in the shape of a frog prince. Simply drop it in the bath for a fizzy, foamy experience that gets your loved one’s skin soft and supple. Lush has 45 stores across Canada, so you’re sure to find one in your backyard. While you’re there, be sure to check out the store’s other Valentines-exclusive items for some extra special sudsin’.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Sugar Free Heart Box – $16.50
Show your sweetie some sugarless lovin’ with Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory’s delicious box of artificially sweetened chocolates. Saving calories while indulging in a scrumptious treat? Sounds like a win/win. There are around 60 locations across Canada to score your darling some deliciousness this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Edition DVDs – $12.99

Nothing wins over a wily woman like a beloved romantic tale. Alliance Films has repackaged several new classics in special Valentine’s editions that come with extra bonus content – if you can spare a second to watch it between the smooching. Check out retro romance The Notebook, tearjerker The Time Traveler’s Wife, sweet snuggler Dear John, among many others. You can actually be a true romantic hero and score 2 for just $20 at HMV right now, and with a whopping 120+ stores across Canada, there’s simply no excuse not to.

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