Navy Gap Republic

This isn’t exactly new news, but hey, I can write about it if I feel like it, can’t I? When I was a kid, The Gap was *the* store to shop at, *the* ads to remember and talk about, and *the* guiding fashion force…to a degree. Sister store Old Navy came on the scene as the fashionable, logo-tee-based, cheap chic alternative shortly after that (and let me tell you, ON tees were the thing to come back with after a US holiday). Finally Banana Republic was known as the glamorous, selective elder sister of the other two – opening in big markets only, to share its pastel-infused, work-appropriate wears.

The three stores have a pretty widespread reach in Canada these days, however, for years and years we always sat by the wayside in terms of online shopping. About three months ago, that changed. Now all three stores in the Gap conglomerate offer online shopping and shipping throughout Canada – their full collections.

That’s right. Even if you’re in the backwoods of Saskatchewan, you can now get goods from all three stores delivered straight to your doorstep, with free shipping on any order over $50 (and let me tell you, it’s no problem to spend that much) AND the mecca of online shopping – free returns!

A piece of advice before you go click-click-crazy. If you haven’t been to these stores lately, try and get out to them on your next shopping trip and do a quick size check. The Gap corporation as a whole is known to run large, so if you’re normally a small, you might want to size down, and so on.

There are many cool things about this whole development. For one, the online stores often feature online-exclusive items (particularly Old Navy), so you can score something a fabulous mall price that you won’t see on every fashionista walking down the street. For another, after you’ve figured out what it is, you can almost always score your size. No flipping through racks, no exhausted sighs of “I guess I’m out of luck”, no painful pouting when you find out the banana yellow trench that looks divine on you is available – at the store across town. You can also score some incredible deals by keeping a close eye on the sale department. Plus, with the risk-free option of free returns, you’ve really got nothing to lose (other than a few dollars) by taking a browse.

The variety of price points, styles, and actual items – all three stores have accessories and footwear – makes this an ideal online shopping destination for your fave friend or family member. Whether you consider it a pro or a con, the three stores all have pretty neutral, unoffensive styles, so you won’t have to worry about treading in the too edgy department. You can easily find a chic piece for a good price, and if you happen to have the stores available to shop at in-person, take a peek at the fabrics before you purchase online. The Old Banana Navy Gap Republic = a win/win/win.

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