Crack A Bottle

…and never fear losing your beer again! Today’s suggestion is a witty take on hostess gifts for the low key affairs you might be attending in the near and distant future. You know how some fancy schmancy dinners involve little charms wrapped around your tall glass of Chardonnay? Consider these the backyard bbq equivalent – beer brands by incredibly-amazing-can’t-say-enough-good-things-about company Fred.

Available in four unique sets – including the ‘bombed’ collection pictured above – each collection of beer bands uses rainbow colours to help distinguish without a doubt, beyond the kitschy messaging, which bottle – or can – of bud belongs to you. They’ve even got a designated driver collection that allows you to slip bands on the wrists of the chosen ones to drive your drunk selves home.

The best part is, bringing a blister pack of bands to the next party you attend won’t set you back a whole lot – I’ve found them in stores and online for the bargain price of $9 for a set of 12. Check out Golda’s Kitchen and Dude You Want This for direct access, or call your fave local gift shop to see if they’re stocking ’em. Final goodness? These gifts will be appreciated by the dudes and ladies in your life – the cooler sippers to the beer pounders. They’re not too highbrow that you’ll be scoffed at for even bringing them, nor are they without a practical purpose. Now get crackin’!

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