Best Wishes In Bloom

Sometimes a trip to Hallmark might just not cut it. If you take stock in the wrapping of a gift as much as the contents within, you fully understand the value of subtly embossed paper, sparkly pre-curled bows, and unique, heartfelt cards that are as much art as they are warm wishes. Thankfully, so does design collective Artecnica, a pretty wondrous company whose products I could devote an entire month’s worth of posts to – but we have to start somewhere, so I’m going to start with their bloom greeting cards.

Each card starts out as a gift in and of itself – folded into a cocoon-like shape, waiting to be unfolded into its glorious floral finished product, tucked into a tiny plastic box. The cool thing about these cards is they can be used for a multiple uses – as an actual greeting card, independent of a gift, or unfolded and slapped onto a box as a gift tag.

Given the pure beauty of these things, consider stocking up on a few and bestowing them on your besties – taped up to a standard-issue cubicle they make for gorgeous window decorations, extending the product life cycle well beyond a birthday or special occasion.

There is a card for pretty much all of your standard occasions – birthday, thank you, congratulations, I love you, thinking of you, and happy holidays. While there isn’t much room to expound on a particular sentiment, the sheer prettiness of the things should do all the talking for you.

I’ve spotted the cards for around $8-ish at a gift shop, making them pricier than your standard greeting, but again, with the artisan quality and decor quality (heck use them as a bookmark!), you can’t really go wrong. The official Artecnica store is in LA, but you can scoop up their goods at 10 stores in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, PEI, and Quebec, or surf the net – the Artecnica website breaks out 10 other etailers that stock their products.

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