I think it’s really cool how many people I know of that have gotten into the wedding business, more often than not, by pure chance. For many it’s still a side project – something to do when you’re a stay-at-home-mom or aren’t quite ready to give up the corporate ladder you’ve been climbing for the last few years. I know someone that took a few weekend classes for baking and now has a successful wedding cake business that has her booked every weekend of the year. Someone else is an agency graphic designer by day, wedding invite designer by night. I know another person that pursued their lifelong love of photography and now has a flourishing wedding photography business.

And it’s for people like these that I’m often inspired, especially when a gift as glorious as this one comes along. Jo Totes is a itty bitty company (much like our freelancing wedding specialists) that has designed camera bags – yes camera bags, not purses – that look as fashionable and are as functional as the giant bags we all like to lug around these days. Made from faux leather and inspired by vintage handbag designs, these padded bags have compartments to keep camera gear separate, with space for your personal essentials as well. The compartments are actually adjustable if you’ve got an extra special piece of equipment, or if you just want the bag to function as a regular ol’ purse on your day off.

The line-up is always changing – partially because these things are flying off the virtual shelves – but you can be guaranteed they’re made with photographers in mind, and come at a great price point of $89 (+$25 shipping to Canada). Gents, if your lady friends is dabbling in photography, consider this a great investment in her future. Ditto to mom’s inspiring their daughters, or best friends boosting one another up. J’adore!

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