Nesting Instinct

Mother’s day really isn’t that far away (Sunday, May 8th!) so it’s probably high time I start throwing out some mom-friendly gift suggestions for Canadian moms. A traditional Mother’s Day gift choice has long been some piece of jewelery that highlights your family relationship…you know, those rings and pendants inlaid with birthstones? My suggestion is along the same vein, just a thousand times cooler.

It’s not often I handpick an item from Etsy to be featured on this blog, but today’s suggestion is just too cool to keep to myself. It’s a nesting doll necklace. You know, those Russian, oblong wooden dolls that conceal their smaller-sized siblings within? The only difference is, this one is made from metal, stacks, and can be worn around your neck.

The nifty part? The ‘dolls’ can actually be engraved with the names of your family. Mom can stack them to keep em’ close to her heart forever and ever, or she can separate the trio as the kids get older so each member can wear it…sort of like one of those ‘Best Friends’ necklaces you used to split with your pals when you were younger. Obviously the necklace application lends itself best to a family of females, but that’s not to say mama won’t love it any less if she’s got some boys in her brood.

Want to customize a matryoshka necklace of your own? They’re available for $94 from a shop owned by a lovely Seattle designer named Ada Rosman. They DO ship to Canada, for no cost at that. The artist is completely open to custom orders if you’ve got more than a couple of kids to consider, so get ordering so you can get your special gift in time for Mother’s Day.

2 Responses to “Nesting Instinct”
  1. Ada Rosman says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my work!

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