Save The Date!

Can you believe the wedding of OUR generation is just weeks away? Poor Kate Middleton must be going absolutely insane…almost as insane as the rest of us are going for any snippet of news about the ceremony, the dress, the guests, sigh, anything!

If you’ve got a Royal watcher in your family, the Royal Canadian Mint has got the perfect gift for you. They’ve come up with a commemorative $20 silver coin portraying the happy couple, and dotted with a blue Swarovski that echoes Kate’s own sapphire ring, as inherited from the other big Princess of our times, Diana.  Extra nifty features? The coin comes in its own engagement ring-esque box, the couple’s names are laser engraved on the coin’s rim, and it’s a truly Canadian tribute to this exciting time. The price is steep – $105 – but if you’re looking to invest in something for this momentous occasion, this is it!

Want to celebrate without breaking the bank? Spend 10x the value on this quarter (that would be $25) that showcases the couple at their infamous engagement announcement, complete with a ultra cool photo application, larger-than-normal size, and special folio.

Both of these items are available on the Mint website, along with a new series of ultra high relief sterling silver coins that chart the ‘continuity of the crown’. All of the items are Canadian-made, and only available in limited editions, so snap up your souvenirs before they’re gone for good, unlike, hopefully, the happy couple. It’s times like these that being part of the monarchy is pretty cool, n’est pas?

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