Sweet Retweet

These days the term ‘tweet’ brings to mind Twitter, but once upon a time, it referenced actual birds who loved to nest in faux homes us silly humans put up for them. If you’re looking outside at the no-more-snow landscape as I find myself doing throughout the day, you’re probably eager to get some wildlife prancing through your yard. And if not you, then perhaps your mom (hello Mother’s Day!), your aunt, your bestie, or whoever the most outdoorsy-domestic goddess is in your life is eagerly anticipating those April showers and May showers.

Meet Tweet Tweet Home, a line of super cute birdhouses made from plastic. They’re easy to assemble, eco-friendly (made from 100% recycled plastic, plus they ship flat-packed!), and guaranteed to attract the most style-conscious birds in your neighbourhood.

Whether you’re looking for a feather-friendly abode that pops or drops into the landscape seamlessly, these sweet little homes come in two different styles – the cone shape shown above, or the classic shape introduced at the beginning of this post. Did I mention the price? Cause it’s pretty groovy as well – between $9.95-$12.95 depending on where you snag them from, making this a great choice for Mother’s Day, birthdays, thank-yous, or even as a clever houseguest leave-behind. I tracked them down from a couple of online sources. For a limited selection, check out Toronto-based etailer What A Jewel, or for a bigger rundown, take a peek at US-based Shop Rock Candy.

ETA: I’ve got a list of retailers your review & enjoyment. If you’re lucky enough to live by one of these retailers, check ’em out for your access to Home Tweet Home!

Lake Effects (Westport)
Unconventional Moose (Tweed)
Lee Valley (Ottawa)
Feel Good Gifts (Burlington)
Moss (Toronto)
Centre Shop (Toronto)
Indigo (King St West – Toronto)
Windergarden (Toronto)

St. Mary’s Nursery and Garden (Winnipeg)

Hole’s Greenhouses (St. Albert)

Treehouse Interiors (Kelowna)
Gigi B. (Vancouver)
Signed Sealed Delivered (Vancouver)

***This is by no means a complete list – but definitely a starting point for all your (bird)house hunters.

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