Too Cute To Compute

Oh me oh my I’ve got baby-gift-buying fever. My bestie is preggers, as I’ve said, so I’ve already amassed a small stockpile of gifts, some of which have made their way to her. Although I don’t have baby fever myself just yet, I do LOVE to look at the super cute innovations in the world of baby cuteness. Today’s find comes is an etailer called Babybot, based in Calgary, who sells amazing, cute, trendoid baby products.

Take for example, their collection of adorable leather bibs by Mally Designs in fun patterns like the sushi roll and the pufferfish above. Fully washable and extra durable, these cute bibs fasten to baby’s neck no matter their size thanks to the magnetic clasp at the back – which also doubles as a handy way to hang it on your fridge and never lose the thing. At $35 they’re a little luxury that will last your new mommy friend for years of use.

I’m also quite in love with these precious Shinzi Katoh lunchboxes ($22 each) for when the little ones toddle off to preschool, if you’ve got a lucky niece or nephew in your midst. With cutesy Asian-inspired artwork and four fun designs this simple necessity goes ultra luxe.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the idea of baby-buying, then be sure to check out Babybot’s gifts section, featuring tons of gift sets for both genders and a variety of age groups and interests. The ‘First Feeding Set’ above retails for $49 and includes a child-friendly set of utensils and bowl, plus a flashy matching bib in bright, fun colours.

Some other cool features about Babybot? Well for one, they have an online gift registry – so get your gal pal to a laptop quick so they can start getting all misty-eyed as they shop. Second, all prices are in Canadian and the site readily accepts Visa and Mastercard, making your purchase uber easy. Third, and most importantly, they offer free shipping. So even if your girl is based in Toronto and you’re in Vancouver, you can still place an order with this nifty shop in Calgary and get it to the East with nary an extra penny to spend. Kudos!

2 Responses to “Too Cute To Compute”
  1. Chloe says:

    I LOVE this store, thank you for introducing it to me! I’m officially making my sister register here for her shower.

  2. Karla says:

    I LOVE everything at! So many amazing and cool things for baby! Looks like I have to get a few more things for my brother’s kids 🙂

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