Bottle Blaster

I love me some eco-friendly products I do. I’ve certainly written about them enough. One of the biggest problems with our current waste-oriented culture is plastic, namely, plastic bags and bottles. In terms of the latter, they may be a solution for all your pop-and-juice-junkies out there. If you haven’t heard about Soda Stream, it’s a home brewing kit for making your own tasty pops and sparkling waters.

With starter kits priced from $130 to $240 (depending on the type of bottle / machine – the more you pay the more stylish it looks), the system is essentially designed to replace the purchase of all those pesky plastic bottles. With reusable 1L carbonating bottles, you no longer have to lug them around the grocery store, plus you get to save your conscience a bit by not buying plastic.

Beyond that there are some legitimate health and taste considerations to be had. For one, you have total control over the finished product. It’s in your hands what product you want to make – from sparkling fruit water to classic root beer to diet drinks to iced teas. You also get to choose the level of fizz, whether you want something that rushes up your nose or adds a hint of fizz to your favourite juice. Plus, the syrups are made with sucralose instead of glucose, and you know making it fresh instead of having it sit on the grocery store shelf for months means a better product.

There’s a bunch of pieces to the Soda Stream set, so consider going in as a family to purchase it as a housewarming or kitschy wedding gift. Or if you have a friend that’s already a convert, know you have a go-to gift source for years of syrups, glasses, or carbonators. Plus, Soda Stream has a Canadian site so you can order directly from them and get the gift delivered right to your door.

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