You’re Fired

Fajah’s Day is a less than a mere month away, which means it’s time for mommies and kiddies alike to start scouring the shelves for the most appropriate guy-friendly gifts out there. It also means my blog has been around for almost a year, so thanks to everyone out there who reads and comments on the blog – I hope you find at least some of this stuff as fun and interesting as I do.

With that in mind, stay tuned for at least two guy-friendly gifts per week. Today, we’re starting off with that bastion of masculinity – the BBQ. The one place dear ol’ dad feels comfortable donning an apron and worrying about the right blend of seasonings and that can’t-beat-it smoky taste rising off the grill. My gift suggestion? Fire It Up, a brand new grilling cookbook packed with 400 recipes for (quite literally) grilling EVERYTHING.

How do I know dad’ll love it? Well it was written by two guys – Andrew Schloss and David Joachim, with long histories of grilling behind them. Second, every dad out there will appreciate a good set of instructions, and Fire It Up is pretty much the grilling bible. Featuring starter chapters that’ll bring newbie chefs up to speed on how to grill the perfect burger, dozens of recipes on spices, rubs, and marinades, and handy guides and tips sprinkled throughout, you can’t fail with this book.

And the pictures? Oh god, the pictures are worth a thousand recipes – which, speaking of, sound deliciously tantalizing even as you just flip through the book. Mustard and pistachio-crusted pork rib roast? Barbecued turkey poblano nachos? Charred corn on the cob with grilled tomato oil? With sounds-like-a-restaurant dishes, you can sign me up any day. And if I’ve sold you on this lovely book, you can snag it from the likes of Amazon for under $20.

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