Head Games

Ah the joys of a global economy. It means us Canucks can be included in a Hong Kong manufacturer’s plans to stylize headphones, one pair at a time. If you’re kind of over the whole cult-like use of Apple’s signature white (and inevitably dirty) headphones and want to customize your own pair, look no further than Miya Headphones.

Although all the prices on the Miya site are in Hong Kong Dollars, the math works out to about $35 CDN for a set, plus $20 shipping (although it appears to be a flat rate, so stock up and take advantage of ordering a bunch at each price break).

The main fun part is the fact you can customize up to 14 different components of the headphones to suit your personal style. Whether you want to insert a pop of colour or create a rainbow cacophony, the interactive headphone-builder makes for a fun shopping experience.

Beyond the actual fun style of these things, the manufacturers promise a solid music-listening experience, as their motivation was to create a product their own artists could support. Compatible with pretty much every type of digital listening device out there, do away with your bland headphones and bring in these imported beauties! And er, forgive the funny translation skills on the website. Just know these things are super fly.

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