One Love

Every girl loves to say she loves one-of-a-kind pieces, but realistically, how many of us can afford them? Well thanks to Canadian design collective Preloved, that day has come.

With clothing made entirely from vintage fabrics, every single piece is handcrafted and therefore slightly different from one another – but incredibly, the store actually *DOES* sizes. It’s like shopping in a vintage store that’s brand new (since it has sizes) but also leaves you beaming because that fabulous striped dress you tried on is 100% custom and a special part of your wardrobe.

And for all that individuality, the prices are pretty darn reasonable. Tops start at $30 and go up to $100 – no different than standard retail prices. Dresses and skirts hover around the $100 mark, depending on complexity. And accessories are $40 and under.

If you haven’t figured it out by now – the company is super eco chic as well. By reclaiming fabrics into fabulous fashion, they’re keeping clothes out of the dumpster and onto your backs. They also use a lot of their excess fabric to create additional lines, including the fun ‘Preloved At Home’ collection, which includes the funky sweater-covered pillows pictured above. If you want to fondle the goods for yourself, there’s a boutique in Toronto and Montreal, or you can order from their online collection at the Preloved site. Find a soft scarf for your mom or a beautiful top for your sister and consider your gift-giving all sewn up.

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