Garage Manned

Believe it or not, most guys actually like being organized. I know if you’ve got a brother or a single guy friend, you’ll beg to differ, but by the time a man becomes a father, he’d like nothing more than an organization fairy to come along and help him sort out those buckets of baseball cards, or collection of sports jerseys, or that zone deemed man-territory: the garage.

This year you can BE said organizational fairy, giving Canadian dads the chance to get out from under the junk and have a pristine, organized man cave for Father’s Day. The trick? The Gladiator series of storage and organizational units, specially designed for garage spaces.

The entire modular line of Gladiator products are readily available on the website, meaning you can start small this year and continue adding and expanding Dad’s space for years to come. Or consider going in as a family and ordering the essentials you hear dad harping on about – I wish I had proper floors, a place for my tools, a closet for my outdoor wear, a way to organize my sports gear – and introducing him to the rest of the collection afterwards.

I especially like that you can pick out items tailored to Dad’s interests. As an example, if he’s a golf nut, get the Gladiator Golf Caddy ($150) to keep his shoes pristine and his clubs from getting crushed. Although this may feel like a more practical and less glam gift, on no other occasion per year is there a more willing recipient of the practical gift. Check out the full line on Sears, and hey, throw in some installation help so Dad can spend some quality time with his family instead of cursing the instructions!

One Response to “Garage Manned”
  1. garages says:

    organizing your garage is the last things that will cross everyone minds, especially they who worked almost everyday. they will find it’s too lazy to organize their garage, eithout thinking that it’s really important for the garage

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