Tres Belle!

Eons ago my school went on a trip to Quebec City, among other nearby destinations. The highlight was truly shopping at Simon’s. I kid, but really, if you’ve never been to this Quebec-centric retailer, you’re missing out. They carry a number of lines including recognizable names like Kenzie, Billabong, and Vera Moda to name a few, but they also seem to have a number of lines you can’t find anywhere else – including the tres adorable Twik.

There are two fantastic things about Simon’s. For one, the prices – you can’t beat snagging a super cute swimsuit like the one above for a mere $20. Secondly, the fact that the store is only in one little part of Canada means you can truly stand out and have pieces next to no one in your neighbourhood has.

Now here’s the truly best part about the shop – they actually offer online shipping throughout the country (and sometimes for free!) AND they offer free returns, something that’s hard to come by with many online clothing retailers in Canada. So even if you’re not familiar with their sizing structure, it’s pretty much risk-free for you to browse through their collection of cute dresses, fun accessories, housewares, and gifts for guys and snag whatever you need for your upcoming gift-giving raison d’etre’s. Ready to shop? Head over to!

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