Special Spectrum

So I’ve decided to dedicate the next four days to last-minute Father’s Day suggestions. I recently just came back from a trip to another lovely Canadian city and was pounded with ‘SHOW DAD YOU CARE’ messages and gift ideas, and although I’d already taken care of MY dad’s gift – a ticket to a pro sports game & a couple of CDs – I thought it’d be nice to share a few others that have caught my eye.

There are many classifications of classic ‘dad’ gifts. The golf gift. The BBQ gift. The handyman gift. The audiophile gift. The drinking gift. And today, the tech gift. Philips, makers of all sorts of fun techy presents, has been dabbling in interesting lighting applications over the last little bit, including faux candles, and today’s suggestion, the LivingColours LED lamp.

Do not be fooled by its humble appearance: this stylish, orb-like table lamp is actually a magical spectrum of 16 million colours. The remote control allows you to select a minuscule sliver of the rainbow to brighten up any space and to completely suit your mood. Consider snagging one for your dad’s (or hubby’s) man cave or desk for a piece that is equal parts art and smart.

Now for the buying of the lamp. You can pick it up at Lumens.com for $278 + shipping. A little pricy for Father’s Day perhaps, but I do like to provide a range of options when it comes to price point and gift type. You also might be one of those people celebrating a birthday with Father’s Day, or an anniversary, or any number of combineable (yeah I made that word up) occasions with which this little splurge can go a long way.

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