The Skinny

Summer is here, officially, and that means lots of crash diets to look extra slim in those body-hugging swimsuits and sundresses. My friends, let me say, just no. Just don’t do it. Everyone knows the best way to losing weight and keeping it off is to make sensible eating choices and working out. As someone who does both – and has friends trying to do the same – I’m fully advocating today’s gift suggestion as extremely helpful in the sensible eating choices department.

The book? “You Can Trust A Skinny Cook”. The chef? Allison Fishman, TV culinary guru and creator of the Wooden Spoon Cooking School. The concept? 140 delicious, can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter-so-good-how-is-it-not-bad recipes, in a prettily designed, diet, budget, and time-conscious package. All the time-honored cookbook traditions are there: breakfast, salads, soups, snacks, mains, sides, and dessert!

I’ve tried about a half-dozen or so recipes at this point, and I have to say, it’s astonishing at how easy and yummy every single recipe in this book has been. What I really appreciate is that this feels like a healthy cookbook for real people. The little advice sections and tips are totally rational, and the five-point system that goes into every recipe is genius. Every single recipe in this book passes these five tests:

1) Are the ingredients easy to find? (Yes, and more often than not, already in your pantry)
2) Is the recipe easy to make? (Yes, I’ve managed to whip up an entree and side dish during a single weeknight meal)
3) Will you have fun when you make this at home? (Yes, everything is so easy, cooking is a breeze)
4) Will you be proud of what you made? (Yes, so much taste for so little calories)
5) Does it taste good? Really good? (Yes and yes!)

As per usual, cookbooks are a fantastic gift for any foodies or wannabe Julia Child’s. This one in particular is great for that friend who’s trying out a new fitness regime or training for a big event – and if you’ve tried it out already for yourself, you’ll be able to recommend it that much more easily. I should know 🙂

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