I love when companies can be successfully innovative. The type of companies that bring conceptual design to life for the greater good of the consumer. One such company is Dyson, who created the least sucky will-never-lose-suction vacuum of all time (oh yes, I own one). Anyway imagine my delight to see that Dyson has expanded their line of products to include bladeless fans.

These fans may look like futuristic satellites, but they actually release the air through little blastsĀ  from the outer ring of the fan. The big pros are the fact the airflow is uninterrupted thanks to their patented Air Multiplier technology. Best of all, the lack of ugly grates and blades makes it uber easy to clean – and pretty swanky looking when it’s not turned on as well.

The fan comes in three different varieties – the short desk lamp shown here (available in three colours and two sizes), a large pedestal clock-style, and a long, narrow tower style. Prices range from $380 to $550, making it a pricy but nice choice for a housewarming or wedding gift – or the double-whopper combo of the two, when newlyweds are moving into their first home together, particularly during the muggy summer months. You can snag the Dyson Fan at most major appliance and furniture retailers, including Sears and Future Shop to name a few.

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