If The Shoe Fits

Today’s post is dedicated to footwear. As long as you know your friendly’s foot size, you pretty much can’t go wrong – shoes are one of the most-popular buys for women simply because they’re NEVER going to make you feel fat (unless they have those windy ankle straps, ew) and they’re an easy way to brighten and lighten any outfit.

Toms Shoes – $55 +
I was going to do an entire post on these babies awhile ago, but whatever, there’s no time like the present. Toms Shoes are amazing. They’re comfortable, they’re available in a huge range of styles, and they’ve got a humanitarian edge – for every single solitary pair bought, the company donates an additional pair to a child in need (typically in developing countries). Pretty groovy eh?

Julie Pedersen’s Spats & Muckies – $140+
I know I’ve written about JP’s stuff before, but I thought I’d point you in the direction of her spats – which are self-promoted as giving new life to your old heels. Although a little unseasonable at the moment, consider a pair of these as a fall fixer-upper to take those gorgeous peep toes out for a brisk weather walk. They’re all kinds of rock star fabulous – think of them as a group birthday gift or for your very best sister / friend.

Minnetonka Moccasins – $70+

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but in the last three years, the moccasin has made a quiet and increasingly triumphant mainstream fashion comeback. Minnetonka is leading the charge with their range of loafer, ankle, and knee-high styles, including this pretty blue pair I spied at Town Shoes recently. The price makes them reasonable for a birthday or anniversary gift, so be sure to throw them on your lists ladies!

Jeffrey Campbell for Little Burgundy – $140+

I’m a pretty new fan of Little Burgundy, but a fan I am. I was drawn into their store by two pairs of shoes. One I ended up buying, the other I just admired from afar. Turns out I was eyeballing Jeffrey Campbell’s radically wonderful Splash & Tacks mini-collection for the store, which includes the razzle dazzle MCCOOK style above, the splatter paint-infused MEYERS, and the studs-meets-splatter CITINO. And that’s just the beginning…this is also a fantastic store to look for men’s options as well!


A post about footwear wouldn’t be complete – at least not in the summer – without a nod to Havaianas. These colourful and comfy flip flops are THE choice for easy breezy beachy footwear, and while the price is a little steeper than say, Old Navy’s famous $5 flip flops, they happen to be quite comfy, quite pretty, and quite a bit longer lasting…unless you’re lucky enough to be spending every day oceanside. A great pick if you’re assembling a beach bag of goodies as a houseguest gift!

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