Light Up My Life

But oh those summer nights…can be brightened up with one of these choice lighting options, all of which are affordably priced and ideal for your kid’s bedroom or dorm room, your best friend’s rec room or sleek new condo, or even as a fun, kitschy cottage accessory.

Happle Lamp – $37
For a cute take on back-to-school or cottage living, scoop up this British import and place it on your desk for bonus points. Shipping’s a little pricy on this one, but the design is so friggin’ precious I had to include it.

Crab Lamp – $68

If you’ve got a friend with a screened-in porch or equally summery abode, this crab lamp is a must-have addition. Its seaworthy bronze frame supports the beautiful hand-blown glass head, for a gentle, decorative glow.

Maya Branch Lamp – $179

Just by looking at this lamp online I can easily think of a half a dozen friends that would squee in delight if I got this for them as a wedding gift – if in fact, I hadn’t already gotten ALL of them wedding gifts at this point. Each and every lamp is handmade from reclaimed roots and driftwood from the beaches of Thailand. So pretty.

Solvinden Solar-Powered Light Chains – $20

Sadly on my last visit to IKEA they were sold out of these beautiful summery solar-powered paper lanterns (perfect for any backyard BBQ) but IKEA has really pulled out all the stops for their solar-powered line this year. If you can’t find the light chains, check out their range of table lamps, pendants, floor lamps, and more!

35-Light Carnival Pepper Lights – $17

Of course, if you want to go with a tried & true tacky classic, chili peppers are your friend. Whether stringing them up around your apartment for a bit of kitschy flare, decorating your summer abode, or using them for festive fiestas only, these rubbery lights are just the start of novelty options from

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  1. Kathlleen Deasy says:

    How do I order the carb light on your page!

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