Sustainable Beauty

I love a dose of feel-good with my morning beauty routine. After all, shouldn’t the stuff you put on your precious skin have an iota of vim and vigor to it? I say yes. So today I’m highlighting five products / brands that can give you a kick in the ethical pants when gift-shopping. Instead of shelling out for drugstore brands, consider spending a few extra bucks (or in some cases, the same amount you’d be spending anyway) to go for a better beauty gift choice.

Lush Shark Fin Soap – $5.95
Apparently there’s some sort of worldwide demand for shark fin soap. Ew. But also, damaging to our world’s natural ecosystems when you consider the important role they play in the sea life food chain. For a limited time, pick up your block of sea-inspired shark fin soap (with sea salt and lime) and know that 100% of the proceeds are going to Shark Savers, a non-profit dedicated to protecting sharks.

The Body Shop Soft Hands, Kind Heart Hand Cream – $7
With all the beauty stores out there, it’s easy for The Body Shop to get lost in the shuffle. However I’ve recently been visiting my local ones a lot more because the products are legitimately awesome, and the store has seriously amped up their sustainable, corporate responsibility platform from their soft-footed origins in the 90s. Take for example, this hand cream above – 100% of proceeds go to an organization that combats and raises awareness for sex trafficking of children and young people. And most of their products feature organic, sustainably harvested, or community trade ingredients. Smart.

Green Beaver Eye Make-up Remover – $12.99
This Canadian eBeauty Boutique was created by a husband-and-wife duo with a science background, who quickly realized upon investigating personal care products used in their son’s bath, that there was a whole lot of improvements to be made. Now the dynamic duo whips up organic, vegan products from soap to toothpaste to lip balm. Check out their ‘ingredients we don’t use’ list – it’ll definitely send shivers down your spine.

Cheeky Cosmetics Lipstick – $20
Created by Canadian gal Chantal, this handmade line of organic, vegetarian-friendly products has all of your beauty basics covered from eyes to skin to lips, in tons of fun, modern shades and finishes. The sleek packaging and array of colours mean you don’t have to sacrifice style to look fierce.

Bare Escentuals Smoky V Eye Kit – $22
Sephora has a ‘Natural’ seal that they apply to their products – 1400 and counting – that meet their self-defined standards. The standards are a little loose – companies either have to pledge to use a high volume of certain ingredients, and they have to pledge to use few to no levels of some pretty nasty ingredients. Check out the ‘Natural’ tab on their site to peruse the full collection – you’ll come across tons of products from the likes of Bare Escentuals.


Beauty products are obviously go-to picks for your gal pals, but there are plenty of guy-friendly items as well. Check out Lush and Sephora in particular for guy-deal gifts. And as for the occasion? Get well soon, birthdays, anniversaries, shower gifts, etc. There are plenty of reasons why the beauty industry is so prolific when it comes to gift-giving.

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