Name Game

Well to bookend this week’s earlier post on zodiac signs, I thought I’d tackle another traditionally tacky gift subject – the ‘name’ gift. See, once upon time, name gifts were pretty cool. Then some genius promo item marketers took notice and crafted a bajillion name-based products that now proliferate on the shelves of tacky tourist gift shops across the world. From a grain of rice to a beer stein, you too can have a personalized slice of yourself!

However, isn’t it A) super annoying when you can’t find your nameĀ  spelt right – if at all – on a mini license plate or a toothbrush? and B) super annoying that this trash exists in the first place? If you said yes to both, read onwards for several options for TRULY customized name-based picks that won’t clutter up your household.

Personalized 8 x 10 Name Prints – $18
One place where name-based items are DEFINITELY still acceptable is the birth announcement. These are definitely too twee for the average home, but if you’ve got a new arrival in your midst, consider snapping up this cost-effective gift + a fancy new frame for a totally cute and custom option. You can also throw in the big arrival date as well to make it truly kid-oriented (or should we say, parent-oriented)?

Custom Heart Tree Pillow Covers – $34
Newlyweds? Newly living together? Either way these hipster-friendly pillows are a cool way to show love for those that are IN love. Simply send in your names and presto, a few weeks later, you’ve got a standard 12 x 12″ pillow cover ready to bask in compliments on your couch. Boys, pay attention – girls would squee with joy if you were to buy one of these for your domain.

Custom 18K Gold Name Necklace – $41
If you look up ‘name necklace’ on Etsy, the number of varying results is astounding, and really, 85% of them are quite lovely and wearable. However when most people hear ‘name necklace’ they immediately conjure up something pretty close to what’s pictured above – the infamous ‘Carrie’ necklace from Sex and the City. If you want to evoke miss Bradshaw, this is one of the best prices I’ve seen (although I’m skeptical about the whole ‘gold’ thing), so hook a sister up will you?

Wooden Name Art – $15/letter
Back to baby stuff again, I *love* these hanging ribbon gigantor letters for a kid’s room – perfect if you’re a proud aunt or uncle looking to spoil your fave niece or nephew. They’ve got a million styles – from uber girly to minimalist black and white to boy-friendly safari themed as above – and their design is neutral enough that they should match most baby room decors.

Rainbow V-Neck – $28
Want to customize your bridal party for a day at the spa, a stagette, or even your rehearsal dinner? Check out these pretty casual tees with your gal pal’s soon-to-be-last-name emblazoned in rainbow colours on the back. A totally chic way to celebrate your wedding day (and a great idea as the maid-of-honour)!

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