Picnic Picking

What’s that you say? It’s fall where you are? Doesn’t mean you still can’t load up your picnic basket for one or two last sojourns to your local park, farmer’s field, or other romantic (or family friendly) spot! Just bring an extra sweater and enjoy the last few dying breaths of summer while you still can kids. Today’s gift suggestions are…picnic themed. Because I’ve never done it. And there are some COOL options out there.

Wine Bottle Holder – $15
Like this pretty, pokey wine bottle holder. If your dinner is a twosome and you’re wanting to toast something special, grab this super cute picnic friendly wine bottle holder. Simply stake it into the ground and keep your white, red, or rose upright. Other options? If you’re serving cheese, check out this bamboo wine table ($22) or this sunset wine tote ($35).

Boxsal ‘Today’s Date’ Kit – $25
So maybe this post is inspiring you to go on a picnic. Only you don’t own a basket. Consider purchasing one of Boxsal’s eco-friendly compostable kits. That’s not to say you can’t re-use them (again and again), but it is notable that when you’ve gone through the product’s life cycle you won’t have the guilt of tossing away the box, trays, utensils, napkins, and cups that make up this uber green kit. Note: shipping from Boxsal itself is pricy ($30!). I haven’t found a Canadian etailer yet, but you could also call your local ‘green’ gift store and see if they’ll start stocking it in time for picnic season, next year.

Picnic Blanket – $72
Forgive me in advance. I searched high and low for picnic blankets but none appealed to me as much as this ‘kissing horses’ printed roll-up one from UK brand Anorak. They do ship from their site directly, but look for a local retailer to save on the horrendous shipping costs. Anyway. This is a true picnic blanket, and not just your average quilt because it has a waterproof bottom, can be rolled up or attached to other Anorak products, and is machine-washable to get all the grassy bits out of the way. Simple.

Retro Picnic Table Condiment Stand – $17.99
And if you still think I’m crazy and want me to stfu, but you also still kinda want to help a loved one bring the great outdoors indoors, then check out this crazy cute condiment stand. Store your ketchup and mustard, and salt and pepper, perfect to season your burgers and fries for those Indian summer BBQs.

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