Fall Follies

There’s something crisp in the air isn’t there? I mean, aside from the unseasonable heatwave that tends to shine down on various parts of Canada for a day or two at a time (and yes, I know the technical definition of a heatwave and this is not it). So let’s talk FALL. And fall-themed gifts.

What does one think when it comes to fall? Scarves, hats, gloves, and boots – the super cute kind, not the crazy bundled-up kind. Or familiar scents – cinnamon, apples, pumpkins. And of course, the palette – harvest shades of gold, copper, and russet. So with that in mind…

Maple Syrup Bath Bubbles
Did I get you? Did you think this was just regular ol’ maple syrup? In fact it’s part of Upper Canada’s line of 97% natural products. If the bottle doesn’t get you, the heavenly maple scent just might. Be sure to check out the full line for a Canadian pride spin on bath products.

Mantilla Shawl – $25
I’ve professed my love for Canadian brand Simon’s before, and I’ll do it again by singing the praises of this gorgeous vintage-inspired, lace-trimmed scarf. Perfect for layering with your jewel toned coats and turtlenecks, it works well for warmth and style.

Fall Cookie Pan – $7
I’m kind of flabbergasted by the crazy low price of this fall-themed cookie pan from Crate & Barrel, which is apparently quoted in Canadian dollars including shipping, duties, and taxes. WHAT? Anyway. Cute idea for bakers, mommies, or even your students if you’re a teacher. All the hallmarks of fall are present here – from cornucopias to sunflowers. Cute!

Candy Corn Shower Gel / Shampoo / Bubble Bath – $16
If you’ve never tried one of Philosophy’s legendary three-in-one products, get thee to a Sephora (or at least their website) to do so. These make EXCELLENT gifts because most ladies out there know their price – and their value. For the festival fall season, Philosophy has launched a candy corn collection (really just this and a lip gloss) that should definitely find a place in your shower, ASAP!

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polishes – $10 each
Canadian eTailer la-te-da may only have a few in stock, but the shades of celeb nail guru Deborah Lippman’s polish in stock are perfect for fall, including the ruby metallic red and chocolate shimmery brown pictured above. Plus at $10 a bottle, these are a steal compared to any luxury beauty store prices! Great as a pick-me-up for your bestie.

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