Skeleton Crew

Man. It was eons ago when I picked out skulls as a gift theme, and now it seems the trend has caught on…and then some. These days we’re not just content to wear our (literal) heads on our sleeves, we’re bringing bone-inspired looks to all sorts of apparel and decor. As per my previous post, the whole skull / skeleton theme is not for everyone. Whether you’re going for a quirky find or aiming for something that suits a pal’s dark side, today’s gifts are one part Halloween, and nine parts fun.

Skeleton Over Knee Socks – $15
Femurs and patellas and tibias, oh my! These knee socks give an x-ray glimpse to your inner anatomy, and at a bargain price. Obviously meant for gals, but these ‘black magic’ ankle socks could be boy or girl friendly. A fun and affordable way to buy into the trend.

Skeleton Pillow – $36
Roll it out for Halloween or add a year-round discussion piece to your cadre of throw pillows with this spooky claw-grip pillow. For the record, the Etsy artist behind this creation has a ton of other nerdy / fantastic pillows and decor items. Stock up for multiple gift-giving wonderment!

Leg Bone Leggings – $75
One of the few times I’ll advocate wearing leggings as pants is if you don a pair of these beauties from high-fashion leggings line Black Milk. They’re a way more extreme version of the knee socks shown above, but they’re seriously making waves across the internet right now. Kinda creepy, mostly cool, you can’t help but be mesmerized, amirite?

Skeleton Trays – $16-$18
Perfect as a hostess gift – with a side of candy corn – these trays come in two complementary styles: the split three-ways mini trays on the left, and the single white tray on the right. Stack em, serve em, and spook your guests (or giftees) with this fun and freaky gift idea.

Skull Scrub Brush – $10
PLASTICLAND (one of my new favourite eTailers, didjaknow) actually has an entire collection of skeleton-themed products from a variety of suppliers. From Gothic wardrobe accessories to eerie gems to quirky home decor pieces, like this handy but hilarious skull scrubber, they’ve got you covered. Great pick for a housewarming gift!

4 Responses to “Skeleton Crew”
  1. The socks and leggings are really very cool.

  2. Gill says:

    Love the leggings.

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