V is for Victor-ian

Darlings. Let’s get old-fashioned and look at some prettiness in the form of Victorian-inspired gifts. These are:

A) Obviously meant for the ladies.
B) Likely lady-to-lady gifts, unless you want to come off as a male that’s very in touch with his feminine side.
C) Probably best-suited for the girliest amongst your posse. If you’re shopping for your tomboy cousin or uber modern best friend or fridge art mommy friend, the fragile, frilly, and altogether frivolous nature of today’s suggestions may not be the best fit.

Victorian Cameo Tiny Tea Cups Set – $24
Take for example, exhibit A. Tiny, totally frivolous tea cups. Ideal for pairing with a package of tea for those post-work gatherings were you and your best gal pal discuss the latest issue of Vogue, how her first date with the new guy went, and whether you should replace your beloved if showing wear-and-tear sparkly ballet flats. Perfectly priced for birthdays, neatly shelved in condo kitchen cupboards, and a reusable box that will surely earn a display spot in the bathroom…sorry, vanity.

Victorian Cuff – $39
It’s pretty impressive when you can channel lace AND corsets, yet still have a bad girl, modern-day edge in a single piece of jewellery. Such is the singular beauty of this leather arm cuff, well-suited to the gal pal that LOVES to make a fashion statement and will appreciate the fine filigree work of this piece.

Victorian Tumblers – $47 (set of six)
Yes, more glasses. But these are more ‘antique’ less ‘cutesy throwback’, so I saw it fit to include them. A rocking choice for a housewarming gift – picture these out at your next book club meeting, or imagine sipping on sweet tea or a mint julep on the back porch during a sunny summer BBQ. They’re just too pretty to pass up!

Cuckoo Bootie ($120 @ Modcloth or $98 at PlasticLand), Maytorena ($80 @ Aldo), and Victorian Flowers ($150 @ SoftMoc)
Victorian inspiration can be found in all sorts of places – even footwear. If you know your fashionista sister’s shoe size, consider purchasing a pair for Christmas or her birthday. Whether going for an old-fashioned, literal, lacy point-of-view, an urban lace-up faux leather take, or a girly grunge throwback, there’s plenty of style from this genteel era of dressing.

Perfume Pocket Watch – $24
There is simply too much for me to choose from on the ‘Victorian Trading Co’ website, so I’m going to leave you with this pretty solid perfume tucked inside a vintage-looking pocket watch. Totally girly eye candy that you’d want to leave out on your dressing table, n’est pas? Although the gift ideas I’ve given you are all modern takes on the Victorian look, this site is my number one pick if you’re looking for authentic-looking reproductions – ranging from beauty products and books to corsets and collectibles. Sing it with me now: ‘I feel pretty…oh so pretty…’

3 Responses to “V is for Victor-ian”
  1. emptyhat says:

    Beautiful. Any idea how I can get that Like button?

  2. CGG says:

    Hmm…not too sure, sorry! Glad you liked the post 🙂

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