Giving Back

I’m putting on my benevolent hat today and suggesting gifts that give back. We talked sustainable beauty the other week – this week’s gifts cover an array of topics, causes, and methods of giving back to the planet, the people, and everything in between.

Project 7
You may be able to find these products in your own backyard, or you can hop over the border and score them from the US of A…or you can buy from the retailer directly (as a wholesaler or simply an interested everyday customer, albeit you’ll be buying in bulk). Why would you want to do such a thing? Well, the funds raised from Project 7’s line of coffee, clothing, gum, mints, and water goes to one of seven programs the company has elected to support. With a totally transparent brand mandate to make the world a better place, the no-sugar-added goodies will taste that much sweeter. Consider buying a pack and storing them in your office for on-the-fly gifts for clients, employees, and suppliers.

Ten Thousand Villages
Probably the brand best known for its commitment to the community, Ten Thousand Villages is a national chain of fair trade gift shops that also throws frequent festivals from coast to coast. Every single one of their items is bought through legitimate means of trade to help residents of developing countries build economic independence, and a brighter future for their country. No matter what item you buy – from gems and games to coffee and collectibles, be sure to check out the story of who you’re supporting and how.

The Hunger Site
Choose what to support with this US-based etailer, which ships most of their products worldwide. With eight different causes – from the rainforest to autism – you can search each wildly expansive ‘themed’ section, and see the impact of your gift choice as you buy it. For example, these pretty canvas totes above (found in the ‘Support Literacy’ section) will fund the purchase of 1 children’s book. With Breast Cancer awareness month nearly upon us, be sure to check out their pink-themed section for subtle and sensational gifts for the women in your life.

Six Scents
Not to be confused with the Haley Joel Osment film, Six Scents is an annual project designed to be both artistically inclined and community oriented. Six prominent artists from around the world are invited to participate in the project annually: namely, to create a fragrance that reflects a specific theme. The fragrances are then sold in high-end boutiques (including half a dozen in Canada) with proceeds going to a deserving charity each year. The theme for ‘series 3’ is childhood, and the charity of choice is War Child International. To get into the lush, incredibly layered notes in these fragrances would take me ten posts to do, but woodsy and citrus scents tend to take top billing.

One Response to “Giving Back”
  1. Trinity says:

    I’ve bought stuff from Project 7 before! Their mints are actually delicious.

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