Leather Together

Blasphemy to talk about leather during vegetarian awareness month, amirite? But actually, I’m spending today’s post talking about *vegan* leather, aka faux leather, pleather, whatever you want to call it. A lot of people who are true blue vegans – or simply naturalists – will only adorn themselves in non-animal products: from their haircare and make-up down to their boots and belts. Today I’ve picked out five sources for vegan clothing products – although do be forewarned, there is a wee bit of controversy around faux leathers. Namely that if you’re looking at environmental impact, buying a vintage leather purse has way less of an impact on the planet than a new pvc raincoat would. However it really depends on where your priorities lie: animal rights or saving the planet? If it’s somewhere in between, opt for organic cotton, or some other natural material.

This cute estore is primarily known for their line of flirty dresses and hard-to-find trendoid brands, but they also carry a fair number of fun vegan accessories, including this fire engine red purse pictured above ($39). Hint: the store has flat rate shipping to Canada ($22), so consider stocking up on gifts, or going in with a group of friends on a mega order of your dreams.

The socially conscious brand is very upfront about which products they produce are vegan: all you have to do is look at the name of a product, see the word ‘vegan’, and you’ll know if it’s appropriate for your wardrobe choices. It helps that nearly all of their shoes ARE vegan, granted, including these fun mummy-inspired wrap boots pictured above ($110). Heck, they even have a section labelled ‘vegan’ to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Etsy seller dejou is based in Italy – land of prosciutto and egg-basted pastries – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for vegan fashion. Although a handful of the stores gorgeous collection of designer-looking bags are actual leather, the majority are vegan, including this faux fur / vegan leather number above. Now you can have your fur, and not eat it too!

olsen Haus
I challenge you to find me a fashionista that would not want to rock one of Olsen Haus’ stunning season line of boots, heels, wedges, and flats. The company’s tagline is quite simply “Pure Vegan” so you can be guaranteed every luscious, superfox pair of shoes is designed and manufactured cruelty-free: with a good measure of sustainability in mind to boot.

Alternative Outfitters
Want a no-brainer vegan shopping experience? Alternative Outfitters is a 100% vegan boutique for lads and ladies that really covers all your bases. While leather, furs, cashmere, and angora immediately jump to mind as animal product clothing items, have you thought about wool? Check out the store’s line of stylish vegan outerwear and apparel options, including this showstopping yellow number from BB Dakota.

These are but a FEW sources I could have pointed you in. Honestly any store that totes pleather items has some vegan-friendly items in mind – there are probably a dozen other boutiques like lulus I easily would recommend. However the other four picks on this list definitely have vegans in mind when selecting and / or designing their product. Whether you’re buying for a vegan friend, or you just want something cruelty-free, these are all great places to start on your shopping adventures!

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