Stocking stuffer suggestion #2 is for your friends and family members that are partial to a hot cup of tea on a cold winter’s night. Or day. I’ve chatted about DAVIDsTEA on here before, aka Canada’s premiere tea gourmand boutique, purveyors of loose teas and designer thermoses. Today I’m just going to update you on their super fun holiday ideas.

These may just look like ordinary Christmas ornaments. Right?

Wrong! It’s actually a handy tin container for one of DAVIDsTEA three limited edition holiday blends. If you’re already a fan of the brand, you’ll recognize that two of the flavours are actually repeat faves from last year’s line. Elf Help – a fruity green tea with a kick of coconut – and Santa’s Secret – a minty black tea with candy cane sprinkles – will once again warm up any cup, while newbie Oh Christmas Treat brings together dark chocolate and oranges for a festive treat you won’t forget. Each ball is just $4.50, making it the perfect price to sample a new sip via your stocking. If you’ve got a trio of tea lovers, pick up all three and save a little off the top for $12. Bonus – the ornaments can find a place on your tree for years to come.

If you want something a little more formal, the three blends outlined above also come in a sleek holiday gift set for $16.50, making it ideally priced for secret Santas, or people on your second tier gift-buying list. Want to spend a little more? Check out the all-new flavours featured in the 2011 Winter Collection, which has a gift set of its own for $25. There are a ton (over 60!) of DAVIDsTEA outlets across Canada, and a few about to bow in New York City, but if you’re not so blessed to have one in your town, they offer $5 shipping through North America. Drink it in!

4 Responses to “T-Ball”
  1. Melinda says:

    This would make a great gift for my sister. She loves Davids teas!

  2. Lori P. says:

    What a clever and delicious gift idea!

  3. JR says:

    that tea ball is awesome

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