Bay-lieve It

I feel like we need to talk about two significant happenings at The Bay – in the spirit of Canadian pride on Remembrance Day. Believe it or not, they were just featured as my Find of the Month back in September for their hints of how awesome their forthcoming Summer 2012 Olympic collection was. But now the full shebang has been rolled out, and kids? It’s awesome.


It’s just…I mean. They’ve done it again. They really have. This is but a smattering of the full collection, and it’s awesome. There’s definitely a retro feel to every piece, including that interesting blocky type that channels the 60s and 70s, alongside the quirky patches and Canadiana emblems that adorn the majority of the items. I especially appreciate that even though this is in advance of the 2012 SUMMER Olympics, they’ve also created some items you can snap up this holiday season and wear throughout the winter with beaming, Canadian pride. Cause if there’s one thing last year’s Winter Olympics did for us, it boosted up national pride.


I also appreciate that they’ve applied many of the designs across multiple age groups, so even if you feel like you’re too old or too young to wear a certain look, it can be scaled up or down. There’s also a ton of cute accessories in the mix that make for great smaller gifts for groups like nieces and nephews, friends, or the in-laws. In terms of price points, You’ve got a lot of flexibility there as well. The accessories start at $5 (hello Mitten Keychain!), most tops and bottoms are in the $20-$40 range, and the priciest pieces are jackets and sweaters in the $80-$125 range.

The other big news at The Bay is the introduction of British brand Topshop – who I also, hilariously, recently wrote about. Known for their fashion-forward, striking pieces, Topshop is exclusively available at select Bay stores across the country, and online. Prices start at about $10 and go up to $600 for some seriously luxe pieces of outerwear – but no matter what, expect to find something to please the fashionista amongst your friends and family. That goes for guys too. With a collection that’s nearly as extensive as the woman’s line, Topman should also be on your radar if you’ve got a stylish male in your midst.

For the record, The Bay has a pretty great online shopping policy. If you use an HBC method of payment, you get free shipping on purchases over $45, although they also have similar offers at higher spend points for non-card holders. But it’s their returns that really set them apart. Any item you buy online can be returned to your local Bay store. So if you aren’t lucky enough to have a Topshop-carrying location in your city, buy away (and get free shipping), try everything on / gift it away, and return what doesn’t work out. Simple and smart, kind of like Topshop’s gorgeous Canadian line.

2 Responses to “Bay-lieve It”
  1. Susan Huston says:

    Love the mittens keychain. Also didn’t know about the shipping and Topshop — thanks!

  2. Melinda says:

    I have the iconic mittens! I really like to gift these to my friends and family.

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