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Like last week’s Xmas music post, I find ornaments a bit of a funny gift to give ON Christmas. You really have a very limited time period within Christmas’ afterglow to enjoy your gift. I’m not saying don’t buy them. You can get some really fun ornaments these days that are personalized to someone’s tastes – from hockey teams to classic TV shows. But I am suggesting you consider ornaments as gifts for pre-holiday celebrations, like hostess gifts, Secret Santa exchanges, and so on.

Only caveat here? Make sure your giftee actually puts up a tree, and consider whether they’re someone that really ‘decorates’ their tree. What I mean is some people will do their tree up in a single colour scheme or theme, so if you hand them a Daffy Duck ornament, it might not find a place on their gilded, glittering, gold-themed tree. With that in mind, here are five great sources for ornament shopping….

Pier 1 Imports – $1+
A store like Pier 1 unabashedly lives, eats, and breathes Christmas for months at a time. Their over-the-top decor makes it completely easy to deck your halls, including their glittering cadre of gorgeous Christmas ornaments. From homey knit angels to girly accents, you can pretty much find pieces to compliment any tree or taste, with most ornaments under $10 each. Check out this year’s whimsical breakout themes including a jingly jungle and seasonal seascape.While they don’t offer online shopping, you can pre-shop online. Simply add a store and they’ll tell you if it’s in-stock. Add items to ‘your basket’ and it’ll be ready for pick-up as soon as you can make it down to your nearest location.

Urban Barn – $3+
Best of the west brand Urban Barn has a slightly smaller but no less sleek and sparkly set of holiday ornaments in polished shades of silver, bronze, cranberry, green, and teal. While some of their ornaments go off the beaten path, like this bedecked whale, you’ll have no problem finding a pretty piece to finish off any friend’s tree.

Disney Store – $6.95 – $49.95
There aren’t too many Disney Stores left in Canada, but if you’ve got one in your city (or access to a computer), they’re obviously the go-to place for picks to wow the princess or wide-eyed kid in your posse. All of your favourite characters have a chance to shine, along with classic Disney images like this stunning glittery 3D replica of Cinderella’s castle. Although they might be a tad pricier than your average ornament, they’ll certain mean a whole to the Disney fan in your life.

Bouclair – $0.99 – $14.99
Easterners should head to Bouclair for thrifty, show-stopping Christmas decor ideas. You can literally outfit an entire tree for under a $100 – a fun idea for a holiday housewarming gift – or simply pick up a few special pieces to throw in stockings, attach to presents as decor accents, or share with your friends and neighbours. Best of all, Bouclair definitely caters to the girliest of your group. Start with a 50-pack of cherry pink ornaments for $15 and add on glittery stars and crystal teardrops for a pretty in pink holiday centerpiece.

Hallmark – $9.99+
I’d be remiss not to mention the company that pretty much makes a living off of their collection of exclusive collector’s ornaments. The Hallmark ‘Dreambook’ is up on their site for you to take a browse of their super detailed replica items – from classic Santas to ultra cute cupcakes, gingerbread houses, and cookies.

9 Responses to “Essential Ornamental”
  1. Love the ornaments and would like to share more ideas from Urban Barn with you. Please get in touch so we can send you fun ideas.

  2. Lori P. says:

    Love that Christmas whale!

  3. I am LOVING the holiday ornamet selections that Pier One is offering this year. Definitely going to get some for my home & for some of my good friends.

  4. sob, I wish we had a Bouclair out west.

  5. Tanya says:

    Oh I can see it now an Animal themed Tree using those animal print balls.

  6. Donnas says:

    Bouclair is one of my fave stores for Christmas ornaments.

  7. Gloria Nikkel says:

    The cupcake is adorable!

  8. Lindsay S says:

    Looks like I need to check out Bouclair!

  9. Rachel says:

    the whale is great… my son was just telling me today how he wants a dolphin on the tree.

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