Under The Christmas Twee

Today’s gift suggestions are for a certain type of gal – the one who represents sugar & spice and everything nice. Chances are she’s got a flair for retro goods, loves crafty stuff with a DIY twist, and appreciates gifts that feel one-of-a-kind, even if they aren’t. With that in mind…

dringdring – $24+
Named for that ubiquitous sound of a cyclist ringing their old-fashioned bell, dringdring is the brain child of Annie Legroulx, a Montreal-based Canadian who literally owns more bicycle bells than anyone else in the world. What’s a girl to do with so many bells? Well handpaint them for one, and sell them to the masses for another. Her bells are sold in stores across the nation (and beyond), or you can order from the dringdring online store. There’s a nice community-minded tie-in here as well: all of the bells are painted using non-toxic paints, and the base coat is applied by youths that belong to a special youth employment program. Personally I’m in love with the peppermint-inspired Nouveau Bonbon bell – how about you?

Best In Ribbon Set – $65
These porcelain ribbons allow your loved one to spread some love to the world. Tack em up on your wall and use a dry erase marker to honour everything from your kid’s awesome report card to your wife’s wonderful meatloaf. Reusable, pretty, and neutral to match any decor, this is a gift that will get a ton of mileage.

Mountie Necklace – $14
Truth be told, it’s hard to pick a single item from Canadian eTailer Smitten Kitten’s totes adorbs collection. But they do have some pretty nifty vintage-inspired jewellery like this uber kitschy Mountie pendant, a total steal at $14. You can score any of Smitten Kitten’s goodies online, but also check out one of the many gift shops they’re featured in from coast to coast. Any thoughts on your favourite products? Share ’em below!

Chocolate Flower Hair Pins – $32
Canadian boutique Chloe In Style brings together all sorts of handicrafted materials for moms, tots, and fashionistas alike – including these gorgeous satin hair pins above. While prices tend toward a little on the luxury side, there’s still plenty of choices to suit all sorts of price points and styles.

The World’s Smallest Post Service Kit – $22.95
Today’s only non-Canadian suggestion comes from San Fran-based The Curiosity Shoppe, but it’s too cute to resist. Create pint-sized mini-letters for your friends and family with seasons greetings, or just because. This is one of those extra cool gifts because you can either buy it for yourself and spread the word one giftee at a time, or you can score it for a friend and let them send you a thank-you note by mini-post. As fair warning, pay attention to shipping prices here – although the kit is totally reasonably priced, it comes with a $15 shipping fee. Granted, the more you spend, the lower your rate will be, so check out their other items for more great gift-giving ideas.

8 Responses to “Under The Christmas Twee”
  1. Tanya says:

    Those Bells are cute

  2. Love the idea behind World’s Smallest Post Service Kit. I for one, love receiving hand written letters & postcards. People are too dependent on online ecards, emails and such – I miss the days when people still sent paper letters regularly.

  3. Gloria Nikkel says:

    Love the vintage jewellery.

  4. Susan Huston says:

    I really like the World’s Smallest Post Service Kit — so cute!

  5. Lindsay S says:

    The hairpins are adorable!

  6. Rebby says:

    The Chocolate Flower Hair Pins look TOO FAB!! Would love those!

  7. Andrea Bilec says:

    Love, love, love the Mountie Necklace! Awesome!

  8. Emilia Turner says:

    During dring I love it, it’s the perfect sound I love City biking this is perfect #cgg

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