Creme De La Creme

When most people hear brand names like Tiffany, Hermes, Givenchy, Cartier, Marc Jacobs, et al, they immediately think two things. Prettttttty. Pricy. But these days, designers are a heck of a lot more inclusive, making it easier than ever to bring a little bit of designer luxury into your home. Today’s picks are from four brand name designers – all of which have awesome gift ideas for under $75. Perfect for the ladies in your life: sisters, moms, girlfriends, and wives? Prepare to drool.

Versace For H&M

This one, I’ll admit, is a little unfair, but also timely: legendary design house Versace is dropping 300+ items in H&M stores across the globe this weekend, with looks ranging from bright and tropical florals to sultry and studded jackets and skirts. Most pieces are $80-$300, but there are a few bargains to be had in the accessories department, like this fun floral leather belt for $60, or the tropical cashmere-wool shell on the left at the same price. If you go a little above my $75 budget, there are plenty more pieces in the $80-$100 range. Now. Why am I saying this is unfair? Expect this stuff to FLY off the racks. H&M has a crazy wristband shopping party launch, with diehard fashion lovers camping out overnight. It’s also only available in a very small handful of Canadian H&M’s. That being said – you WILL see this stuff crop up on eBay. So if something catches your eye on the website, you can still scout it out online before the holidays set in.

Marc Jacobs Neoprene Clutches – $58

Holt Renfrew houses many a precious gem of a gift idea, not the least of which are these fun, vibrant neoprene clutches from Marc Jacobs. Available at nine Holt boutiques across the nation, these will definitely liven up any New Year’s ensemble.

Tiffany Keys Ribbon Scarf – $55

For the lady with discerning style at any age – and a taste for that signature Tiffany blue – check out the brand’s line of pretty scarves as a more affordable approach to bringing some Audrey Hepburn into your life. For the record, spouses, there are actually a ton of beautiful gems for under $250 – so if you’re wanting to go the jewellery route but scared off by the fact this place sells million dollar engagement rings…relax. There’s still tons of affordable (if not $75 and under affordable) ideas for the gals in your life.

Sephora Favorites Collector’s Edition Fragrance Sampler For Her – $75

One of the easiest ways to access the designer world is through fragrances. But why pick just one? This spectacular fragrance sampler set from Sephora has actual mini versions of each full-sized perfume’s glorious casing, plus you get to pick your favourite and score a full-size bottle of it when you’re done. Where else can you spend $75 and bring home goods from Dior, Givenchy, DKNY, and Calvin Klein (to name but a few)?

6 Responses to “Creme De La Creme”
  1. That perfume sampler set seems like a really good deal. Only $75!?

  2. The Sephora kit is the best of the bunch! That is an amazing store!

  3. Susan says:

    Looks like you’ve given a few men some great hints when out Christmas shopping for the women in their lives.

  4. Lindsay S says:

    The Sephora set seems really cool!

  5. Rachel says:

    thats a great sampler from Sephora!

  6. Rebby says:

    Versace For H&M….Oh boy if I wasn’t such a baby I would camp overnight for one of those wrist band parties! Good luck to anyone who can get their hands on a sweet piece!!

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