Piece Of Cake

Food trends come and go my friends. Think about it – in the last two decades we’ve seen everything from coffee shops to bagel stops to cupcake corners mushroom up around us. Now one of the latest trends is one that’s been simmering under the surface for the while – and one I think we can all get behind: mini food. I don’t know what it is, but everything tastes better in miniature form. Maybe it’s the fact we can all feel a little less guilty by popping three mini quiches in our mouths instead of one, but I’m in love with tiny food.

Apparently, so are the folks at BABYCAKES. With their line of novelty kitchen appliances, suddenly you have the power to make ridiculously easy – and delicious – mini everything. Love cake pops but don’t want to shell out for em? Afraid of slaving away over a pie for hours, only to have your crust fall apart? Want to give Timmie’s a run for their money with your own donut bites?

Or maybe you just want to make a plateful of designer-style cupcakes in the ease of your own home. Enter the line of BABYCAKES products: one touch electric ovens that whip up your favourite sweet (and savoury – more on that in a bit!) treats in mere minutes.

So at this point, I’m hoping you’re feeling a premature sugar rush of excitement over these products, but if not, let me spell out five reasons why I’m in love.

1) The price! None of the products top out over $50 (CAD), making this an awesome pick for your best friend that loves to bake – or even a gift for teens / college aged kids that are dabbling in the kitchen and want the ability to whip up something tasty for their friends.

2) You can find some of the BABYCAKES line at various Canadian retailers, but if you’re completely hooked on one of the models and you can’t find it anywhere else, you can buy from the BABYCAKES store and ship to Canada.

3) The pretty colours. Not to be a total girl about this, but they clearly know their target – it’s hard not to salivate over the pastel pinks, pretty purples, butter yellows, and baby blues used on the machines.

4) Did I mention everything in miniature tastes better? Especially when it cooks in under ten minutes?

5) The possibilities. Seriously, I had no idea…

…at least until I checked out the ‘175 Best BABYCAKES Cupcake Maker Recipes’ cookbook by Kathy Moore & Roxanne Wyss. It starts with the basics – your vanilla and chocolates – before moving onto a bevvy of frostings…and then from there, things get crazy. Enter cheesecake cupcakes, muffins, and tarts. Follow that up with savoury snacks, dinner ideas, and appetizers for parties. Seriously, this machine appears so deceptively simple until you see all the magical things Moore & Wyss have managed to whip up with it. Chockful of super helpful baking tips and mouthwatering photos of their creations, this is a must-have add-on for whoever you gift a BABYCAKES cupcake maker to.

And as an extra incentive to grab one of these godly things for yourself, here’s a recipe handpicked by moi from the book for you to try out – White Chocolate Snowmen Cupcakes.

No need to wait until it snows to make these cold-weather guys. Shaved white chocolate gives them the look of freshly fallen snow, and their charming fondant features will warm your heart! Plus, the cupcakes are so good, you’ll be tempted to make them all year long.

TIP: Did you forget to set out the butter so that it will soften? Cut it into slices, place on a microwave-safe glass
plate and microwave on Medium-Low (20%) for 10 to 15 seconds or until starting to soften. Let butter stand
for about 10 minutes, then proceed with the recipe.

Paper liners (optional)

11⁄4 cups all-purpose flour
11⁄4 tsp baking powder
1⁄4 tsp salt
3⁄4 cup granulated sugar
6 tbsp butter, softened
2 eggs, at room temperature
4 oz white chocolate, melted
2⁄3 cup milk


White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting (recipe follows)
1 31⁄2 or 4-oz white chocolate bar
32 gumdrops, cut in half crosswise
32 11⁄2-inch pieces red shoestring licorice
96 mini candy-coated chocolate candies
Confectioners’ (icing) sugar or cornstarch

1. Cupcakes: In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside.

2. In a large bowl, using an electric mixer on medium-high speed, beat sugar and butter for 1 to 2 minutes or until fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Beat in white chocolate. Add flour mixture alternately with milk, making three additions of flour and two of milk and beating on low speed until smooth.

3. If desired, place paper liners in wells. Fill each well with about 11⁄2 tbsp (22 mL) batter. Bake for 6 to 8 minutes or until a tester inserted in the center of a cupcake comes out clean. Transfer cupcakes to a wire rack to cool. Repeat with the remaining batter.

4. Decoration: Frost cupcakes with White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting.

Frosting Recipe
3 0z cream cheese, softened

2 oz white chocolate, melted
1⁄4 cup butter, softened
21⁄4 confectioners (icing) sugar
1⁄2 vanilla extract

1. In a medium bowl, using an electric mixer on medium-high speed, beat cream cheese, white chocolate, and butter for 1 minute or until light and creamy. Gradually beat in sugar until blended. Beat in vanilla.

5. Using a vegetable peeler, scrape down the side edge of the white chocolate bar to make shavings. Sprinkle shavings over frosting, giving it a “freshly fallen snow” look.

6. Place 2 gumdrop halves, cut side down, on opposite sides of each cupcake to make earmuffs. Arrange 1 strip of red licorice to look like a mouth and use candies to make eyes and a nose.

7. To make hats, on a cutting board lightly dusted with confectioners’ sugar, roll out fondant to about 1⁄8-inch (3 mm) thickness. For the center of each hat, cut a piece of fondant about 2 by 3⁄4 inches (5 by 2 cm). Fold it in half so it becomes a rectangle of about 1 by 3⁄4 inch (2.5 by 2 cm) (the double thickness will hold the shape of the hat better and be stronger). For the hat band, cut a strip of fondant about 3 by 1⁄2 inches (7.5 by 1 cm). Place the hat band over the edge of the rectangle, folding the ends under so that the hat band is the right size for the hat. Position a hat on the top edge of each cupcake.

Tummy rumbling? I’ve got a copy of ‘175 Best BABYCAKES Cupcake Maker Recipes’ to giveaway to one lucky winner in Canada OR the USA – the perfect thing to set you on the road to culinary creations. To win:

1) Leave a comment below before December 16th and tell me which of the BABYCAKES products you’d most love in your kitchen (hint: check their online store). Be sure to use a valid email address when posting so I can contact you if you win!

2) Entries are limited to one per person per email address (or more if you score bonus entries). A random draw will be conducted on or around December 16th to select the winner, who will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen in their place.

3) Entries are limited to Residents of Canada and the continental US that have reached the age of majority in their province / state. Quebec is not eligible to participate in this promotion.

4) Bonus Entry Time: Check out the recipe above, and tell me any two ingredients that are used. Pretty simple.

If you’re looking for full rules & regs, you can always reach me at canadiangiftguide -at- gmail – dot- com. Raising my cup(cake) to you!


74 Responses to “Piece Of Cake”
  1. Melody says:

    i think the cupcake maker would be a perfect fit to my kitchen as I’m always making for get togethers…
    …and white chocolate and flour are 2 ingredients for a bonus entry 🙂

  2. simplyrobby says:

    I’m so excited to learn about this, especially when I recently jumped into the bandwagon of baking cupcakes!!! So the obvious product that I’m interested in would be the cupcake maker, the yellow one specifically because (here comes the superficial-ness) it’s so cute! I already hinted to the significant other about this ahahaha!

    And for a bonus entry, white chocolate and cream cheese! 😀

  3. Gina says:

    I saw this item at a store but didn’t know much about it – thanks for the review and opportunity to win one! I can totally see myself using one of the cupcake makers (that would be my choice) with my six year old daughter – we make cupcakes all of the time for her and her friends at daycare. bonus entries – butter and sugar!

  4. Holly Sproule says:

    The waffle maker would be great!
    Cream cheese and vanilla extract!

  5. Karen Ham says:

    would love the cupcake maker perfect for the parties

  6. Erin says:

    I’d love a pie make!

  7. Grace F. says:

    The mini pie-maker is definitely my fave. These are absolutely adorable and what a clever idea!

    Butter and White Chocolate….

  8. Erin says:

    Here are 2 ingredients:
    3 0z cream cheese, softened
    2 oz white chocolate, melted

  9. debra says:

    the pie maker or the donut maker would be great to have. 2 ingredients used in your recipes are flour and butter

  10. Kathleen Fowler says:

    I would love to have the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker
    Two ingredients are flour and white chocolate

  11. Andrea Amy says:

    baby cakes waffle maker

    cream cheese and white chocolate are 2 ingredients you used.

  12. L Watson says:

    Cupcake maker. I need all the help I can get 🙂

  13. Sandra Short says:

    All the products are terrific but the one I would really like to have is the Babycakes Pie maker. My hubby LOVES pie and if I had one of these, I could make him different kinds of pie everyday!

  14. Pat Battles says:

    I *want* & *need* the CC-22
    Babycakes Cupcake Maker

    I didn’t know these existed…….

  15. Pat Battles says:

    Cream cheese and white chocolate are two ingredients used……….yum!!

  16. sean pynaert says:

    pie pop maker is my fave

  17. K Peters says:

    I like the CC-22 Cupcake Maker best with the PM-44 Pie Maker coming in a very close second.

  18. cher says:

    I would like the cupcake maker. Looks so easy to use.

  19. Susan says:

    I would like to try the Babycakes cake pop maker!

  20. Susan says:

    Two ingredients are all-purpose flour and granulated sugar.

  21. Maurey says:

    I would love the cupcake maker.
    Bonus entry: Flour and white chocolate.

  22. Mahahrehbuhm says:

    Cc2828pk. Gotta be the orig babycakes cupcake maker.

    Flour and Creamcheese = heaven

  23. Shirano says:

    I would have a lot of fun with the Babycakes cupcake maker. I have 2 daughters that absolutely love cupcakes so we would put it to good use.

  24. Teresa Falk says:

    I love baking! Check out some of the recipes on my blog at: http://ruralrouteramblings.wordpress.com/ I want to try making the cake pops so I’d love the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker!

  25. Barb B says:

    Cupcakes in 10 minutes – fabulous.

    butter and eggs are in the recipe.

  26. Evelyn says:

    Now that I’ve seen these I don’t know how I’ll live without the CP-12
    Babycakes Cake Pop Maker!!!

  27. Evelyn says:

    Bonus entry: There is all-purpose flour and milk in the recipe.

  28. Gemma says:

    I’d like the pie maker.

  29. Gemma says:

    Cream cheese & White chocolate are used in the recipe.

  30. Brook says:

    Ahhh…this looks so tempting! I would love to own one of these! I went on their website and my Fave would have to be the Original Babycakes Cupcake Maker in pink! Product # CC-2828PK.
    The 2 ingredients are 1/4 cup of butter softened and 3 oz of cream cheese softened. cross my fingers xx

  31. Sammi says:

    the waffle-maker – I’d love that!

  32. nikki robak says:

    I like the pie pop maker

  33. nikki robak says:

    white chocolate bar and gum drops

  34. Francine says:

    I love the Babycakes Pie Maker

  35. Francine says:

    eggs and gumdrops

  36. Renn says:

    Tough to decide but I think I would get the Cake Pop or Whoopie Pie Maker because it’d probably turn out better than what I could make from scratch!

    2 ingredients are white chocolate and cream cheese… mmMMmm 🙂

  37. diane says:

    I like the cupcake maker and everything else.

  38. diane says:

    Two ingredients used are flour and sugar.

  39. kat says:

    The cupcake maker is great.

  40. Debbie Petch says:

    I would really like the cupcake maker. It is such a good idea!

  41. kat says:

    Two ingredients are white chocolate and sugar. Yum.

  42. Marlene V. says:

    I also really like the Babycakes Waffle Maker — thanks for the chance to win.

  43. Marlene V. says:

    2 ingredients: flour and sugar

  44. nicole aben says:

    I would use the cupcake maker for sure. I love to bake fun things for friends and family!

  45. Rebby says:

    I would really love the Original Babycakes Cupcake Maker in pink!

  46. Rebby says:

    21⁄4 confectioners (icing) sugar and 1⁄2 vanilla extract are both used in the recipe!

  47. Carrie Chiasson says:

    Cake Pop maker would be my choice 🙂 Vanilla & Butter

  48. Carol Oddy says:

    This is a different cup cake maker! I like it.

  49. original Babycakes Cupcake Maker

  50. Tegan says:

    The pie pop maker is so adorable! Would love that one.

  51. Dreena B says:

    I did not even know there was such a product! So cool! I’d be most interested in the Cupcake Maker in red.

  52. Dreena B says:

    Bonus entry: Butter and Vanilla Extract.

  53. stacey h says:

    love the ‘babycakes waffler maker’

  54. stacey h says:

    2 ingredients: milk and salt

  55. Rita says:

    I would like the whoppie pie maker, but, it is so hard to choose.

  56. David says:

    The cupcake maker would be great to use with the family!

  57. My sister loves to bake cupcakes, and I really want to get her the CC-2828PK
    Original Babycakes Cupcake Maker for Christmas. I think it would be the perfect gift for her as we both can bake together in our kitchen.

  58. Karine berube says:

    MIeum… the cupcake Maker my choice for me and my kids 🙂 🙂 Would love that 🙂

    Vanilla and butter 🙂

  59. ellen chevarie says:

    baking is a must in our house and this little gadget is perfect

  60. Carley L says:

    The BABYCAKES product I’d most love in my kitchen is the “Original Babycakes Cupcake Maker” (pink). I love making cupcakes and it looks like a really easy way to make them.

  61. Carley L says:

    Two ingredients in the recipe are white chocolate (2 oz, melted) and granulated sugar (3⁄4 cup). (I went for the sweet stuff).

  62. carine sirois says:


  63. Francois says:

    Waffle maker is a nice little machine !!

  64. Kim says:

    The cupcake maker!! Sooo cute!

    Bonus entry: Vanilla extract and white chocolate

  65. Kiki says:

    Babycakes Dessert Coffee would go great with all of these (and other holiday) tasty treats!

  66. Kiki says:

    Bonus entry: white chocolate + sugar = YUM!

  67. lisa bolduc says:

    I would like to try the original babycakes maker!

  68. lisa bolduc says:

    Cream cheese and white chocolate!

  69. Lillea says:

    Babycakes Donut Maker for me. I’d make gluten free donuts for friends and family.

  70. Lillea says:

    2 ingredients:

    2 oz white chocolate,
    1⁄4 cup butter

  71. crystal Costello says:

    I would love The Original babycakes cupcake maker in Pink, for my daughters little birthday parties. So cute,

  72. crystal Costello says:

    Butter and vanilla extract, for bonus entries, thank you for the great contest

  73. Annie Hamel says:

    Cupcake maker is so great!

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