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If you haven’t already been bombarded, chances are you’ve got tons of festive affairs to attend in the next couple of weeks. Whether it’s a housewarming or an open house, a holiday dinner or a casual cocktail party, it’s generally good practice to bring along a host / hostess gift. The gold standard being, naturally, a bottle of wine. But if you’re looking for something a little more original that you can (for the most part) grab on the go, here are fifteen ideas under $25 that you can stock up on for any last-minute gift ideas. And, for the record, these are also great ideas for those sort of hard-to-buy for people you want – or sometimes feel obligated – to buy for. That aunt you see twice a year, your brother-in-law and his wife, the neighbours that grab your mail while you’re away, your kid’s best friend’s parents, the in-laws themselves etc.

Lego 7-Piece Chocolate Fondue Set – $19.99 @ The Bay

Cupcake Cocktail Napkins
– $5.95 @ Bowring

Monogrammed LED Candles – $19.99 @ Bed, Bath & Beyond

Rocky Mountain Mints – $11.95 @ Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Light-up Snowflake Wallflower Diffuser – $15 @ Bath & Body Works

Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate & Herbal Tea Mug Gift Sets – $10 @ Superstore / Loblaws

Adele Live at The Royal Albert Hall Two-Disc DVD – $19.99 @ HMV

Caramel Apple Cheeseball Mix – $3.95 @ Stonewall Kitchen (try your local specialty / gourmet grocery store)

Gadgetree Mini-Speakers – $9.99 @ The Source

Emma Bridgewater Recipe Box – $19.50 @ Chapters / Indigo

Colour Shot Glasses (set of 6) – $25 @ Bombay Company

Emerson Electronic Soap Dispenser
– $19.99 @ Shopper’s Drug Mart

Red Cup Ornament – $5.45 @ Starbucks

Amber Candle – $22 @ L’Occitane

Gold & Silver Mosiac Barware – $11.96-$31.96 @ Pier 1

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5 Responses to “Helpful Host”
  1. amy says:

    These are great host ideas, I’ve been looking for my office secret Santa gift and these would work for that also. I’m going to look for the speakers first! Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Susan says:

    Thanks for the great suggestions — I love things when they are affordable!

  3. Christa says:

    The snowflake diffuser from BBW is SO cute!!

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