Wing Man

Don’t slice your enemies – slice your food with this sleek collection of knives housed in a Star Wars-inspired case.

Yo Bros

CONTEST ALERT! There was a whisper of outcry around my household after last week’s ‘gifts for best friends’ post. Namely, that it was clearly skewed toward the lady friends. So I appeased the (singular) masses and created a post of gift ideas guys would actually be willing to buy for their bros, all under $50 a pop! Plus win a Strombo Bobblehead!

Work It Out

Okay. We’re one month in. How many of your friends and familia that pledged to work out for New Year’s have abandoned all plans to that effect? Never fear – the Canadian Gift Guide is here with a few fitness DVD ideas that’ll keep your loved ones off the couch and thanking you later. You know, after their muscles have stopped aching.

Helpful Host

Got some festive functions on your radar? Time to stock up on hostess gifts – which also work great for those slightly generic giftees on your list, all under $25.

Fast Fifteen: Gentlemen’s Edition

Fifteen awesome gift ideas for guys under $15. Perfect for stocking stuffers, Secret Santas, or ways to finish up your big gift this holiday season.

Pure Genius

Today’s lesson isn’t so much on a specific type of gift – but how to save a few bucks while getting them. HMV’s new Pure loyalty program and Swagbucks are two innovative new ways to earn great rewards with little effort.