Stuff The Teens’ Stockings

Alrighty, now let’s take a look at some fun ideas to stuff your favourite teens and tweens stockings. You may be able to borrow some ideas from the other stocking stuffer guides in the last few days, but the following are picks that’ll definitely get your surly teen to smile.

Drumstick Pencils by Suck UK – $8.99 @ Chapters

Gives new meaning to the idea of ‘headbanging’ when you use these to do homework.

Stretch Charm Bracelet – $25 @ Guess
A timeless classic with a modern-day twist.

Like / Dislike Stamps – $12.99
Take that Facebook obsession offline, plus now you’ll finally have the chance to ‘dislike’ something.

Signature Creamy Hot Chocolates (Vanilla Bean, Mint, & White) – $7.95 each @ Second Cup
Stay toasty with three unique flavours of every teen’s favourite warm winter beverage.

Gillette Venus Moisture Rich ProSkin Razor – $10.99 @ Drugstores
Don’t go prickly just cause it’s winter! KeepĀ  skin ultra soft through the dry, chilly months, whether it’s your teen’s first razor or their fifth.

Fingerless & Convertible Mittens – $20.65-$27.65 @ Hollister
Just because they’re California-inspired, doesn’t mean they aren’t snuggly warm.

Glee Mini Calendar – $7.99 @ Calendar Club
A locker-sized solution to keep your Glee idols close all year long.

A is for Aldo Fragrances – $15-$45 @ Aldo
Canada’s favourite shoe and accessory store is now rocking three mood-based fragrances for gals, plus two more for guys.

Robot Headphone Splitter – $12.99 @ Garage
Share the love – of music – with this quirky retro-themed headphone splitter that lets two people listen to the same MP3 player.

Angry Birds 8″ Plush With Sound – $15.99 @ Future Shop
Everyone’s favourite finger-friendly game is invading the real world with goofy collectible plush toys featuring sound effects from the game. Perfect for the mobile-obsessed teen.

3 Responses to “Stuff The Teens’ Stockings”
  1. amymbrown says:

    the Like-dislike stamps are hilarious!

  2. Tammy D says:

    Great ideas for teens!

  3. Ali G says:

    Niifty ideas.


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