Stuff The Kids’ Stockings

I can’t forget the kids! To wrap things up when you’re shopping for the little ones, here are ten kid-friendly ideas for stuffing your little ones’ stockings. My only criteria here? Find things that’ll fit a stocking, and make ’em squeal with joy.

Magic Christmas Tree – $6.50 @ Chapters
Keep the magic of Christmas alive well after the last present is unwrapped.

3D Puzzles – $5.99 @ Shoppers Drug Mart
Playtime doesn’t mean you need to shut down your brain – or empty your wallet!

Fair Isle Mohawk Hat – $22.95 @ Gap Kids
Put a new spin on a winter must-have – perfect for boys and daring-to-be-different girls.

Frosty The Snowman & Frosty Returns DVD Set – $9.99 @ Future Shop
Gather round to watch this genuine Christmas classic, then head outside to make a snowman of your own!

Hexbug Nano Glow In The Dark – $7.99 @ The Source
Kids love collecting stuff – and these robotic bug-inspired creatures are just the ticket for hours of fun.

Cars 2 Sticker Book – $9.95 @ Toys R Us
An awesome way to inspire creativity for all those crazy Cars & Cars 2 fans out there.

Joe Fresh Slippers – $8 @ Loblaws / Joe Fresh
Keep toes toasty and wrapped up on Christmas morning while unwrapping the rest of your presents.

Monster High Walkie Talkies – $16.87 @ Wal-Mart
Perfect for the burgeoning girly girl that still has an adventurous, secretive side – these cute walkie talkies also have hidden mirrors.

Playskool Heroes Star Wars 2-Pack Figurines – $9.99 (per set) @ Zellers
May the force be with the little ones that get gifted with these cartoonish reinterpretations of these beloved characters.

Mr. Sketch 12-Pack Assorted Scented Markers – $9.72 @ Staples
One whiff and you’ll be instantly transported back to your childhood – and taken right back there through your kids.

2 Responses to “Stuff The Kids’ Stockings”
  1. Andrea B. says:

    I loved those Mr. Sketch markers as a kid. I really should get some for my daughter as she is the artist in the family and would be thrilled to have these! #cgg2

    • CGG says:

      Hey Andrea, just a heads up – bonus entries only apply to new, non-contest posts posted over the contest period (so between June 7th and the 18th). Thanks!

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