Quiet Time

And…this is where I leave you, for a little while at least. Rest assured, I will be keeping tabs on contest entries, but other than that you won’t see tons of activity on here for a few days. Cause even bloggers need a break sometimes, and really, you *should* be pretty set in the Christmas gift-giving department with just a few days to go until Santa arrives. That being said, if you’re still looking for some last, last-minute ideas for stocking stuffers, here are 25 generic directions to take things in:

1. Candy canes
2. Lottery tickets
3. $5 gift cards
4. Year-end wrap-up magazines
5. Luggage scale
6. Tide-To-Go pen
7. Make-up (lip gloss / lipstick etc.)
8. Tic Tacs or other breath mints
9. Terry’s Chocolate Orange
10. Playing cards
11. Golf balls
12. Mini bottles of liquor
13. Fishing lures
14. Stress ball
15. Mini package of Kleenex
16. Cookie cutters
17. Bobbie pins / hair elastics
18. Reading glasses / sunglasses
19. Reusable shopping bag
20. Notepad
21. Sleep mask
22. Bendy straws
23. Ornaments
24. Nail polish / nail file
25. Postcards / stationery

Thank you all so much for the awesome support and interest this holiday season, and to all of my new subscribers: stay tuned. You definitely won’t be disappointed with the ideas I’ve got in store for you in 2012, and a bunch of great new giveaways as well. The updates won’t be quite as frenzied as they are during the holidays, but you’ll still see plenty of new gift options, learn about loads of great Canadian businesses, and always have a resource for when you’ve got a birthday or special occasion to buy for.

Now if you’d like a bonus entry into the first draw of the new year *just* for reading this post, all you gotta do is leave me a comment on what one of your New Years Resolutions might be this year.


– Brittany aka CGG

PS – if you dig this blog, it’d be swell if you could go give me a nice high rating over here: http://www.blogs.ca/info/canadian-gift-guide/903/

9 Responses to “Quiet Time”
  1. Amy Brown says:

    Thanks for the great gift ideas this season. My new year’s resolution is to save money!

  2. Natalie Chizen says:

    Thanks for all of the last minute ideas! My New Year’s Resolution is definitely to lose some of the baby weight around my middle!

  3. Ali G says:

    My NY Resloution is to knit more, stress less. =)

    Happy Christmas!

  4. Holly Sproule says:

    My new years resolution is to get a job!!

  5. Susan says:

    Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions during this hectic holiday season!
    My new years resolution is to keep trying to get well and return to work.

  6. mousecat says:

    This is a great blog…
    My resolution is to finally get ALL my pictures into photo albums this year. It will happen too!

  7. Sophia says:

    I think one of my resolutions will be to procrastinate less!

  8. Great work this holiday season B! My New Year’s Resolution is to buy a house. First step? Start organizing a plan for house shopping and sit Charlie down for a serious discussion. Methinks we’ll have to review your little house buying manual.

  9. Huguette En says:

    To eat right, slowly get back into exercise (feet problems) and get my health back.

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