The World According To…

Not all New Years Resolutions need to be totally off-the-wall crazy. In fact, one of my favourite ideas for a NYR that’s surprisingly challenging – but in a good, creative kinda way – is the idea of keeping a journal. Whether you choose to start up a blog that documents your day-to-day or covers your favourite topic (hello, gift giving!) or you put pen to paper, there’s something special about tracking your frame of mind or point-of-view…if only for the groans and chuckles you’ll experience years later when you look back on things. That being said, it IS harder than you’d think to keep it up. With that in mind, I’ve handpicked five journal ideas that make awesome gifts – they’re a little more involved than your standard pretty notebook, but not so demanding your giftee will never want to open them.

Keel’s Simple Diary Volume Two – $17
They’re ba-ck. I first wrote about Keel’s journals back in the early days of my blog. These pocketbag-sized books are gender-neutral, activity-driven tomes that encourage you to take two minutes before you tuck into bed to reflect on your day in the briefest way possible, and reflect on your life a little bit beyond that. You’ll spend more time thinking and reacting than actually writing with these little journals!
Who it’s for: Awesome idea if you’ve already gifted Volume One (like myself) to someone. Or do a his & hers – give volume one to your mom and volume two to your dad for a little self-reflection. Buy one for you and one for your spouse, and take some time to reflect before you hit the lights.

The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal – $18.99

Want a meaty book with a seemingly benign commitment? This five-year journal asks you to do one thing, and one thing alone: write a sentence about each day of your life. Whether it’s about something good or something that hit you hard, this book will serve as a serious time capsule, given our lives tend to change dramatically in five-year berths. Based on author Gretchen Rubin’s best-selling book, inspire someone to follow their own writerly pursuits with this fun book.
Who it’s for: Your sister that’s graduating from high school this June. Your best friend that just found out she’s pregnant. A family member getting through a divorce. Anyone that’s about to enter a new phase in their life.

I Was Here Travel Journal – $19.95
Part tour guide, part travel diary, this little book is perfect to stash away amongst a backpacker’s prized possessions, or ideal for that friend of yours that’s always exploring new cities on business. With everything from tips on international dumpling types and activities like ‘ask a local to draw you a map of the area’, this handy journal is well worth the space in your luggage.
Who it’s for: Your sister that’s moving to a Commonwealth country to take advantage of our Canadian ‘tourist visa’ privileges. Your best friend that just landed a high-flying new job that’s taking her all over the world. Your empty nesting parents that are finally taking that trip around the world they’ve always dreamed of.

My Life In Graphs Guided Journal – $20
Some people just don’t cope well with words. I hear you. If you’re down with simply analyzing your life, then this is totally the journal built for you. Jam-packed with diagrams and charts and helpful hints on how to fill them out, this activity-based book is a fun and factual way to break down your life…statistically speaking anyway.
Who it’s for: Your high-falutin brother, cause even he can’t contest how cool this book is. Your sharp-minded co-worker, as a friendly and funny birthday or farewell gift. Your best friend, as a huge congratulations for finally finishing her decade-long pursuit of higher education.

Moleskine Passions Journals – $26 each
Moleskine – makers of those highly-touted soft notebooks – has pretty much made gift-giving the easiest thing on the planet, provided you’ve got someone on your list that has a specific, strong passion for say…traveling, movies, cooking, healthy living, reading, fashion, music, wine, pups, cats, or babies. Their collection of ‘Passions’ journals are specially designed to allow you to keep tabs on your favourite interest – from reviews and tips to memories and clippings, it’s the perfect place to record your memories of the things that are most important to you.
Who it’s for: Well, obviously someone that is engaged with one of the above topics…but if you want specifics…your best friend that just had a baby. Your tricky-to-buy-for mother-in-law that has a penchant for the gym. Your crazy-for-cats (but never a cat lady) petsitter.

2 Responses to “The World According To…”
  1. Ashley says:

    I love the ‘my life in graphs’ journal.

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    My favourite are the Simple Journals. They would be great for my neice. I still have my journals from when I was a kidlet! #cgg

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