10 for $10: Spring’s The Thing Edition

Another 10th means another 10 ideas for $10 or less – this time all in the spirit of the springtime season.

Flash Post: Brick By Brick

What do you get when you combine hipper-than-thou Moleskine with so-retro-it’s-hip Lego? A really awesome gift idea. Read on to figure out where you can nab this fab find!

Flash Post: Sowing The Seeds

Spread the love of gardening with this chi-chi gift set from moleskine – perfect for both the budding gardener and the well-seasoned planter, it’s part keepsake, part field guide.

The World According To…

If you know someone who’s New Year Resolution involves keeping track of their day-to-day, make it a little easy, or dare I say…FUN…to do it with these five great journal gift ideas.

Wherever Your Travels May Take You…

Know someone bit by the travel book? Help them get well-prepared before, during, and after their trip with a Moleskine City Book – customized to dozens of major and minor cities around the world with basic maps and info, it’s really the guidebook you write yourself.