Wonderful Warhol

Today’s post theme is simple: gifts celebrating pop culture icon – heck, you could argue he invited pop art – Andy Warhol. Why? Cause his stuff is fun, colorful, and pretty much ready-made for gift-giving. Ready? Let’s go!

Andy Warhol Colouring Book – $17.48 @ Indigo
Follow this timeline with me: this book was originally created in 1961 as a Christmas gift for the children of clients of Edelman, one of the biggest PR firms in the world. It was republished for the public in 1990. And it just got served up with a new reprint in late 2011. Packed with whimsical sketches that any Warhol fan will recognize, this is a sweet collector’s gift for any art / design fan, or on a more practical level: give it to a young ‘un to introduce them to this wizard of whimsical art.

Andy Warhol Watches – $100 – $190 @ Amazon.ca
Wear some Warhol in a subtle way with his line of colourful watches with unique details. From snakeskin straps and sparkling gems to the artist’s scrawled signature and hidden insignia, there are dozens of cheerful yet sophisticated options for both men and women. Consider gifting one to a friend that’s graduating from college, snap one up for an anniversary gift, or give one to your swinging mom or dad that can’t get enough of the sixties.

Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Fragrances – $98 – $265 @ The Bay

Celebrated New York parfumerie Bond No. 9 is well-known for their richly layered scents that evoke the spirit and neighbourhoods within the Big Apple. So naturally, they’ve paid tribute to a man that embodied everything we all know and love about New York today, through six signature scents inspired by  the areas Andy Warhol lived and worked. Every androgynous fragrance is quite literally a work of art, combining interesting woodsy notes like blue cypress and white birchwood with lush florals like pink peony and hyacinth, topped off with sweet cappers like roasted almonds, forbidden plum, and silver-cloud musk. Of course, let’s not discount those beautiful bottles, with re-imaginings of some of the artist’s best-known work. Pick up a bottle of Bond No. 9’s luxurious scents as a Valentine’s gift for your spouse, or consider grabbing one of the purse sprays as a chic gift for mother or father’s day this spring.

Andy Warhol Incase Macbook Sleeves – $64.95 @ The Apple Store
A natural marriage – Apple & Andy – really, when you think about it. Given designer types are still gushing over Warhol’s brilliance and lauding Steve Jobs’ contributions to society for similar, if slightly more practical, reasons. Hence why you’ll find two classic Warhol prints plastered on these pop art-infused laptop cases, perfect for protecting your beloved notebook (whether it’s a Macbook or not) and sharing your eye for style at the same time. Awesome gift idea for anyone in your life that’s *getting* a new laptop in the near future, or is simply due for an update from their boring, clunky, black attache-style case.

8 Responses to “Wonderful Warhol”
  1. Prim says:


  2. Corinne says:

    I literally can’t decide what excites me the most on this list. LOVE!

  3. Jayme Lynn says:

    LOVE the colouring book 🙂

  4. I love the shape and designs of the fragrance bottles. Def something Id keep out for display way after I used up the contents. #cgg

  5. Susan says:

    Love the watches! #CGG

  6. Ashley says:

    They need to invent scratch and sniff computers. #CGG

  7. Christina Dragan says:

    I really like the look of the Andy Warhol watches. It’d be a nice way to add a pop of colour to an outfit #cgg

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