Year Of The Dragon

A friend of mine actually designs the headers for this blog. When we were discussing what to pick for post-Christmas-snowflakes, I suggested fireworks – not just because of their NYE associations, but for that other fire-happy occasion, Chinese New Year, which happens to be today. It’s the Year of the Dragon, which is kind of awesome. I mean…it’s just more exciting to have a dragon as your ‘mascot’ for the year as opposed to an Ox, or a Rat. More sellable, know what I mean? So with that in mind…here are my five picks for Chinese New Year gifts celebrating the forthcoming Year of the Dragon!

Limited Edition Red Dragon Soap – $7.95 at ONLY
Any Lush fan worth her (bath) salt knows one of the store’s signature scents is Karma, an earthy patchouli-and-pine blend with nearly ten different incarnations from body creams to bath melts. Well now you can indulge in Karma’s chameleon-like properties, with this limited edition Red Dragon-shaped soap, in honour of Chinese New Year that’s only available online. Bring it as a hostess gift to whatever fete your attending for a festive and affordable gift idea!

Chopstick Kids – $12.50 @
I didn’t get the hang of chopsticks until a few years ago, but there’s no reason your little one – or hey, if you’re a late bloomer yourself – can’t practice plucking their way to a full belly with Fred’s Chopstick Kids right now. Simply insert the included melamine sticks, or your favourite wood or fancy ivory ones, and suddenly that oh-so-delicate balance of hoisting a morsel of kung pao chicken is that much easier. A fun favour to bring to a party, or to give to your own kids as a means of introducing them to Chinese New Year.

Joe Ledbetter Chinese Zodiac Mini Figures – $16.99 each @ Lost Marbles

Cartoon-y artist Joe Ledbetter’s work has been making its way off the page and into 3D form for years now, including these cheery, crazy Chinese Zodiac interpretations. Pick one up for your boyfriend, best friend, or best coworker’s desk, or gift a savvy teen for their birthday. You’ll see 2012’s dragon mascot in the bottom left corner if you’d like to go with something thematically appropriate for the year, or stick with your giftee’s actual sign.

Baby Fortune Cookie Slippers – $28 USD @ Uncommon Goods
If you’ve got some friends with the good fortune of bringing a little one into the world, these handmade slippers are just the ticket for an adorable gift idea. Packed in a Chinese takeout container and containing baby-appropriate fortunes, these little wonders won’t end up in the discard pile after the tot’s grown out of them. Bonus points if you gift this to a new momma that gives birth on Chinese New Year.

Dragon Scale Chainmail Bracelets – $25 USD @ Serenity In Chains
Sometimes you don’t need to go really literal to get the desired effect. These chainmail bracelets evoke dragon scales, but in a very fashion-forward futuristic sort of way. If a pal is hosting a New Year get-together sometime soon, bring this along as a cheery, alternative take on the holiday.

5 Responses to “Year Of The Dragon”
  1. Those fortune cookie slippers are so cute! And coming packed in a takeout container would make them a fun gift. #ccg

  2. Christina Dragan says:

    I’ve been wanting to try the LUSH Red Dragon Soap now for quite some time. Need to see if they still carry it online. #ccg

  3. Thank your for featuring our Dragon Scale bracelets!!

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    I adore the slippers! Omgosh, so cute! We went down to China Town for the New Year’s celebration; it was really a fantastic experience! #cgg

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