Booked In

Part of a book club? Want to start one up? There’s plenty of reasons and ways to give gifts within your coven of fellow bibliophiles. To wit:

– Bring along a trinket for the hostess of each event
– Give new members a welcome package, including a copy of your next book and a fun add-on
– Get everyone to chip in $2 and raffle off a book-related prize at each meeting
– Host a holiday gift exchange (note: one fun suggestion my friends & I have done is to bring 1-3 wrapped books that you’re willing to part with. Everyone picks as many books as they brought so they’ve got new reads for the new year!)

With that in mind, here are a few fun and frugal ideas for your book club pals, or for those special people in your life that simply love the written word.

LED Bookmark – $4.99 @ The Source
Everyone knows there are some books you simply can’t put down. If your friend has even been plagued by late-night reading spells (the kind that normally keep their spouse from having a restful sleep), then check out this two-in-one wonder tool. The thin, flexible base allows you to mark your page, while the  built-in LED light provides enough brightness to allow you to keep page-turning well into the night.

‘I Like Big Books’ Totes – $13.50 – $68 each @ Pamela Fugate Designs
You other readers can’t deny…well, you know the rest. You certainly can’t deny how cute these tote bags, emblazoned with designer Pamela Fugate’s colourful slogan, are for the members of your book club. Stack a copy of your latest read and a treat for your fellow meeting attendees, or keep it tucked away in the car for those charity book sales when you can’t help but fill up a bag with great finds. Fair warning – shipping is pricy to Canada. Order in bulk, and be sure to contact the shop if you’re doing a large order – they may be able to find you some shipping / cost efficiencies.

Personal Library Kit – $19.95 @ Shits N’ Giggles
Most book clubbers aren’t just reading their monthly book – although there’s nothing wrong if they are. Nay, more often than not they’re pretty avid book readers (and buyers) themselves. Of course a true bibliophile would never keep a great find for themselves – I myself have quite the prolific lending library. But nothing is quite as annoying as your precious pages going MIA. Curb perma-borrowing with the Personal Library Kit, which includes all the fixins’ you remember from elementary school: old-fashioned holders and sign-out slips, due date stamps, and a pencil. Now, if you’re a delinquent book loanee, consider this payback – give it to your generous friend that’s always hooking you up with the latest Sophie Kinsella or Chuck Klosterman, and call it a day.

Wicked Witch Bookmarks – $82 for 10 @ Ian’s Cafe
Every reader loves the Wizard of Oz, or in many cases, its modern-day updated adaptation / side-quel, Wicked. Pay homage to the original Wicked Witch with these whimsical bookmarks, complete with the legendary ruby red slippers. At this price, you’ve got enough to outfit your entire book club, and gift new members as they join as well. Tres cute!

Bookendings Bookends – $31 CDN each @ Signs For Homes
My heart sort of sings when I look at these beautiful bookends from UK Design shop Signs For Homes. Inspired by movies but designed to preserve your fave paperbacks, these stylish bookends make for stunning decor accents that can be mix and matched or paired up to your heart’s desire. Obviously a little pricy to gift to every guy or gal in your book club, but consider asking everyone in your club to chip in $5 (to cover shipping of course) to buy a pair for a member’s birthday or other special occasion.

3 Responses to “Booked In”
  1. Susan says:

    Some great ideas. I’ve always been interested in joining a book club. Love the wicked witch bookmark! #CGG

  2. Anne Taylor says:

    I have a daughter who is a voracious reader and would love these products, especially the wicked witch bookmark lol #cgg

  3. Emilia Turner says:

    Books and book accessories will never go out of style. I love the bag “I like big books and I cannot Lie”. #cgg

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