Constellation Inspiration

Most of the time when I tell people I took astronomy in University (aka ‘art students’ science) they scoff and ask me what their fortune is. Sadly astronomy and astrology are often confused, but the former is the focus of today’s post as I search the stars for some truly out-of-this-world gift-giving ideas. Oh the puns!

iPad 3 Skin – $29.95 @
National Geographic has a bevy of beautiful photos on the Gelaskins website, where you can outfit your favourite electronic device (from your phone to your laptop to your MP3 player) with eye-catching protective graphics, but none are quite as stunning (or used to quite as stunning an effect) than the Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A on the new iPad 3. If you’re buying someone a fancy piece of electronics (or know someone that’s buying someone else said gift), top it off with a gorgeous piece of portable artwork. Bonus! You also get access to the website’s library of wallpapers, so you can either match your skin to your wallpaper, or switch it up with something equally pretty.

Custom Constellation Pendants – $68 @ Beth Cyr Jewelry
Okay, so there is some overlap between astrology and astronomy. Namely, each star sign is reflective of an actual constellation in the sky. These sterling silver pendants are a subtle yet striking way to work the big sky into your favourite lady’s everyday look. You can order their actual star sign, or go for a classic – the Big Dipper and Orion are a few of the other familiar sky formations you can choose from. Consider this as a potential romantic gift – pick one up for your girlfriend or wife with the promise that you’ll always be under the same sky, even if you have to be apart. Aw.

Constellation Leggings / Dress – $78 – $104 @ Black Milk
If you’ve got a particularly fashion-forward friend in your midst, imagine the look on her face when she opens up a gift box with a pair of these dynamic leggings or a stretchy dress in a celestial print. Although not for the faint of heart (or budget), if you’ve ever wanted to splurge on a real fashion-y item, Black Milk is a stellar place to start looking.

Star Master Constellation LED Lamp – $18.99 @ NDSL Store
Turn your home into a starstruck wonderland with this unique mini-lamp. Simply turn it on and let the lightshow take over your living room to liven up a kids’ slumber party, or place it in your bedroom for a romantic night under the moon, even if it’s too cold to trek outside. The price point makes it a great, fun little find that’s suitable for adults and young ‘uns alike.

Constellation Greeting Cards – $40 for 10 @ Nature’s Cubby Hole
Now how cool are these cards? Each of the ten features a major constellation – from Cygnus to Hercules – depicted in accurate detail in terms of layout and brightness (size). Shine some light and see the constellations reflect on the inside of the card (which is made of 100% recycled paper), or once you’re ready to be done with it, hang it up in a window for a little light-refracting art. This is an item I’d actually recommend you buy for yourself and use for your greeting card needs. Since the cards are blank, scrawl a thank-you or congratulations and tuck it into your next present.

Custom Painted Galaxy Shoes – $122 @ Killer Constellations
More out-of-this-world wearables, this time in the form of footwear. Team up with the artist at this special little shop to customize a pair of hand-painted, one-of-a-kind sneakers. Want a specific constellation? Looking for a favourite colour scheme? You can specify all those little details for any pair of canvas kicks and gift someone something that’s part art, part killer style.

Adopt A Star Gift Box – $25 @ Tinder
Want to spend an evening under the stars with your love? Consider adopting a star for them with this handy kit, which includes the coordinates for one unnamed star, plus the opportunity for you to name it and ship in your registration to claim it as yours for your lifetime, and then some. I particularly dig that the pseudo-Rulers Of The Universe, the International Astronomical Union, are the ones responsible for this particular Star Registry. So you know it’s legit. I also love this as a unique alternative to a baby gift. Commemorate a little one’s arrival with a piece of the sky, and let them grow old(er) together.

5 Responses to “Constellation Inspiration”
  1. Dreena says:

    The LED Lamp is super cool as well as the Greeting Cards! #cgg

  2. Sheila says:

    I really like the Galaxy Shoes and the greeting card. They are very unique. #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    I like the LED light the best! #CGG

  4. Sophia says:

    I love the pendants…they are so unique looking! #cgg

  5. Emilia Turner says:

    The iPad skin constellation will be a perfect gift for my star gazing brother in law #cgg

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