Star Power

Ah celebs. No longer content to be on our screens, they put their stamps on just about everything these days. Today’s picks are celeb-inspired (or branded) pieces that often evoke some element of their ‘creator’ – meaning you can either pair a gift with someone that’s already a fan, or simply brush it off and focus on the great product qualities of each item.

Halle Berry Reveal The Passion Perfume – $35 @ Shoppers Drug Mart et al
Halle Berry is hardly the first celeb to tack her name onto a fragrance line, but she is one of the few actresses (as opposed to singers) that can boast a range of scents that evoke her sought-after essence. Her latest fragrance is girly mix of flowers and fruit, including surprising notes like exotic mangosteen and Italian bergamot. The sugarplum, art deco-inspired bottle is a welcome addition to any lady’s vanity, and at this price point it’s a serious steal as a birthday gift for your gal pal.

The Hollywood Collection 5-Piece Cream Gift Set – $125 @ Erno Laszlo
Hungarian dermatologist Dr. Ernest Laszlo may not be a household name to you and me, but to the celebrity devotees he’s worked with over the years, he’s pretty much earned sainthood. To celebrate the 85 years since the good doctor first lavished celebrity skin with his signature treatments, the company has launched a line of limited-edition creams dedicated to five of his most iconic and revered clients: Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Katherine Hepburn, and Greta Garbo. The 5-piece gift set pulls together each of the star-inspired serums, and makes a luxurious, covetable gift idea for Mother’s Day.

The Fame Game By Lauren Conrad – $14.43 @ Amazon

Reality TV star. Fashion designer. Author. Ongoing it girl Lauren Conrad has managed to make a name for herself in several very different arenas, including her ongoing collection of Roman à clef novels that are often thinly veiled glimpses into the life of a pseudo-reality star. Her first book series, L.A. Candy, launched her into the New York Times bestseller lists, and she’s showing no signs of slowing her literary aspirations. The newFame Game spinoff trilogy focuses in on frenemy Madison Parker, who’s ready to shine beyond her role as the ‘best friend’, and will take no prisoners to get there. The plot here certainly isn’t treading deep, but the juicy insider look at life in the spotlight makes picking up the novels well worth it.

Xen-Tan E! Live From The Red Carpet Self-Tanner – $45 @
Okay, so not a celebrity, but certainly inspired by those that strut the red carpet, this 2-in-1 product lets you get that coveted golden glow the sun-free way. Use one side for a scalable, realistic olive undertone tan, and use the other side to top off your look with a bronze shimmer. If your pal is a tanaholic, introduce them to the kinder, gentler way to get that sunbaked look with this luxe gift idea.  

3 Responses to “Star Power”
  1. Dreena says:

    The Laszlo set of creams would be a super luxe gift! Hint hint!!! #cgg

  2. Sophia says:

    It’s a little insane how many celebrities are coming out with their “own” fragrance. Almost makes my head spin trying to keep track! #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    It is amazing how celebrity allows people to sell merchandise! #CGG

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