Green Machine

What It Is: Grass-flocked piggy banks in three seasonally-appropriate shapes: a feathered bird, a furry bunny, and a fuzzy pig. Each bank is actually made of terracotta but flanked with artificial grass for a piece that is both statement-making, and savings-generating.
Who It’s For: Your hipster niece’s seventeenth birthday, cause it’s never too late to start a rainy day (college) fund. Your quirky-cute best friend that always has the neatest decor accents in her apartment, cause it’s never too late to be one of the people that gives her a statement maker. Your co-worker upon announcing they’re pregnant, cause it’s never too early to start saving for that long-term investment they’re housing.
What It Costs: Between $20-$22. Shipping is $17 to Canada with any purchase up to $25, but you can spend a little more and the shipping rates don’t go up that much.
Where It’s At: Greener Grass Design.

4 Responses to “Green Machine”
  1. Dreena says:

    Cute! I used to have a bunny bank like this, but it was in brown. #cgg

  2. Susan says:

    Love that green pig! #CGG

  3. Oh these are ridiculously cute! I want!! Love the bird! #CGG

  4. Sophia says:

    If I had one of these, I think I would just want to pet it all day! #cgg

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