Flash Post: One-Up

What It Is: Your everyday onesie with a retro twist – imagine dozens of classic ephemera images emblazoned on simple, high-quality onesies (and tees for kids up to age 12Y) and you’ve got the gist of ChiTown Boutique‘s Baby & Kids clothing collection. From cherub-cheeked dollfaces to bubbly-shaped animals, there’s over 150 options for cute, timeless imagery for any new arrival in your life.
Who It’s For: Anyone that’s had a baby recently, naturally. The price point is super affordable, meaning you can purchase one for someone you’re not quite-so-tight with, or stock up on a half-dozen for your sister, best friend, or cousin.
What It Costs: Each onesie is just over $12 CAD, and shipping starts at $5 for one item.
Where It’s At: The aforementioned Etsy store, ChiTown Boutique.

4 Responses to “Flash Post: One-Up”
  1. Dreena says:

    These are just adorable!!! Going to check out the kids’ shirts. #CGG

  2. Talex says:

    I love onsies! and these are sooo cute! #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    I’ve got to check out this Etsy shop. I’m sure my new granddaughter could totally rock one of these onesies! Thanks for the idea! #CGG

  4. Sophia says:

    Very affordable and too cute not to start putting babies in them! #cgg

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