Pop Art

Today’s gifts are all about bringing in a sense of whimsical comic book style into your life, though some classic Lichtenstein-inspired prints that are popping up all over the place. Although each gift has a couple of suggestions as to who it’s for, basically just keep in mind you’ll want to gift someone that really gets the artist’s pop art look.

Born Lippy Stick Balm – $5 each @ The Body Shop
The Body Shop’s cult favourite lip balm is now available in an on-the-go tube formula, in six fruit-infused flavours that give your lips a hint of shine and colour in six sumptuous shades. Each shade naturally corresponds with a delicious flavour – from sticky caramel to exotic lychee, you’ll be hard-pressed not to lick these lip treats right off. The pop art-inspired packaging combines classic Ben-day dots with modern-day speech bubbles for a fun twist on a classic concept. Pop these goodies in your bridesmaid gift bags for your stagette, or stock up and give them out as birthday gift finishers.

Wonder Woman Apron – $19.99 @ ThinkGeek
Show your woman she’s a wonder in the kitchen – and beyond – with this classic comic-art apron emblazoned with Wonder Woman herself. Your giftee can use their newfound powers to whip up a meal in a frenzy while balancing work, kids, and all those other things super moms are known for. Consider this a fun pick for your wife or your sister.

Ouch Bandages – $4.99 @ Vat 19
I love me some novelty bandages, and so will the comic book nerd in your life that’s prone to a few less-than-super mishaps in his life. Emblazoned with classic ‘violence’ bubbles, these handy band-aids are great to stash in your medicine cabinet or desk (paper cut, AAARGH!), but they also work wonders for kids.

Lady Gaga Print – $30.64 @ Red Bubble
If you’ve got a Gaga groupie in your group, consider snapping up this affordable pop art take on the lady herself. Inspired by Gaga’s Born This Way album cover, the artist Alli Vanes has repurposed one of pop music’s most cartoonish characters into that very thing in this vibrant, colourful print. Makes an excellent b-day or Xmas gift for the Little Monster in your midst.

Comic FX Headbands – $24 CDN each @ Janine Basil
I actually spotted these shortly after Halloween and basically thought – instant costume! If you’ve got a bachelorette party coming up, why not invest in a bunch of these quirky headbands and bring out your inner super girls? Alternatively pick up one as a birthday gift for that uber quirky art student friend of yours – she’ll dig the retro reference and the modern-day wackiness.

7 Responses to “Pop Art”
  1. lol this stuff is to funny xD

  2. Talex says:

    These would make cute stocking stuffers or loot bag gifts, so cute and whimsical. #cgg

  3. Susan says:

    Although I’m not cool enough to sport these trends, they are loads of fun! Would love to try the Body Shop balms!

  4. Sophia says:

    I want those headbands!!!!! #cgg

  5. Emilia Turner says:

    Ouch bandages are so much fun #cgg

  6. Alli Vanes says:

    Hey, I would like to thank you greatly for advertising my artwork! It certainly made my day and if you wish to have any custom made designs created I offer my services to anyone that’s interested! I now how a profile both on RedBubble: http://www.redbubble.com/people/allivanes/portfolio and Society6: http://society6.com/AlliVanes so you can contact me via there with ideas.
    Thanks again! 🙂
    ~ Alli

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